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Life's little pleasures....

Every day I do a fair walking to and from work and am forever, it seems, dodging cyclists. They're a menace and a danger. They say that the roads are too dangerous for bicycles and feel safer on the paths which is all very fine but where's that leave us pedestrians? Where are we supposed to go?
Well, anyway, never mind about that.

Early one morning, few weeks ago, I was making my home way from work, heading for my bus stop and I could see a cyclist peddling towards me so as she, this one just happened to be a young woman, got within a yards of me I stepped aside for my own safety and as I did so she smiled and said "good morning". Her way of saying thank you I suppose. I responded with same, don't know if she'd heard me and really didn't care to be honest.

She has come cycling by me a few times now since I first saw her and every time she beams me this wide smile and greets me with a cheery "good morning". She is, I would estimate, in her mid to late twenties, thirty perhaps? And now I look forward to seeing her, she brightens up my day. If this is what growing old is about I like it.

Life's little pleasures eh?


Glad that’s working out well for you,

My grips while walking or skiing.
I’m skiing the Colorado Rockies this week. Skiers here are much more courteous and safety conscious than the Midwest. When passing a downhill skier they will shout out “on your right or on your left” so there aren’t collisions if the downhill skier plans to turn. I find when walking a pedestrian/bike path at home the bikers never,ever give such a warning to a walker they are approaching. It is a narrow path and bikes are pretty silent. A 71 year old friend was hit by a biker in just that situation. She was in good shape, but broke her hip. She died a few months later from an infection. So, give a shout in warning...all you jackasses!
It's the same here sas. They come from behind you and they don't make a sound. If only they WOULD shout. Not so bad when you can see them coming obviously and, for an old-timer like me, a young woman with a pretty face and a cheery smile is a bonus.
There you go, dither, life's little pleasures can become meaningful! Oh, and even the pains! See, if it weren't for the pain of cyclists wheeling in at you, you wouldn't have this pleasure. ;)
Just a moment in time Neetu but enjoyed. A reminder that I'm still alive and somewhere, deep within, a heart beats.
Every moment counts....even when you lose count.

dither;bt12413 said:
Just a moment in time Neetu but enjoyed. A reminder that I'm still alive and somewhere, deep within, a heart beats.
When life gives us too many, we don't value them. We notice them only when they are few and far between. One of those ironies of life.

dither;bt12415 said:
Those moments do, they're very few and far between.
I saw her this morning, she laughed, bet she was thinking you silly old fart. She smiled and said hello. She has does something with here hair I think.
Nice... I only ride in the mountains, trails. Some are more popular with hikers, or runners. I use my dinner bell ( I figure that bears Pavlovian associate...you know) * jingle-jingle-jingle* . Helps with my downhill, as well. I feel like Hans Klammer or Frans Clammer or whatever his name is(was?), you know them cow-bells they ring on the limpics.
When people make your life more difficult (like running you off the path), it is refreshing when they are nice about it.

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