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Life, happens so quickly.

You would not believe it. He has been and gone and done it AGAIN. ](*,) He should have known it was going to be one of those days when he was caught running across a road at a busy junction on the way to the bus-stop.
A man pushing a pram had said something to him as he ran by and he hadn't heard a word that the man had said.
Man repeated himself.
Nope! didn't catch a word of it.
"Whatever" He thought to himself.
On-wards, and in this particular sorry tale, down-wards.
He could have said " you've dropped your wallet ", not that he ever owned or used a wallet. Or " your pants are on fire " he wouldn't have known. Maybe he needs to slow down. It's as though he's on a mission when he's out but in a way he is. When his feet are in the street he doesn't dawdle. Same with when he's shopping,be it Lidl's or Asda's, he knows what he wants he knows where everything is and rarely is a minute ever wasted. Although the location for his latest disaster happened to be the public Library.

This Saturday morning went, and was going, just like any other without the slightest variation. Got off the bus in Stugely, Walked to the public toilets then another short walk to a pelican crossing. All done at breakneck speed of course. Missing everything, if ever there might be anything to miss, and seeing nothing. He pressed the button waited for the little man to turn green and within seconds he was dashing across the road and heading back in the direction he'd come from toward the Library. Ohhh man, the Library.
As he went striding through those automatic doors a woman was walking towards him. She could have been suffering a bout of wind, he supposed, with hindsight he pondered the possibility. Maybe she'd been laughing at him although he couldn't think what she might have found amusing. All he knew was that there she was, looking him straight in the eye and firing him the loveliest smile. A " hey! how're y'doin? The sun is shining and isn't life wonderful." kind of smile. And what did he do? He just frowned, stoneyfaced as ever, looked beyond her as though she wasn't there, and marched straight to the "non-fiction" section. Why does he do that? She hadn't deserved it. He certainly hadn't wanted it but it all happened so quickly and all he can do, having beaten himself up at his leisure, is make more mental " notes to self " but how does a person prepare for the unexpected?

Face the world with a smile perhaps. I don't think so. Be happy not miserable. Forget it. The only chance he has is to give people a chance and he can't, he just can't.

Apologies to those who read this. Yes it's a variation on a very boring theme but it's a weight off my shoulders and I feel better for having posted it.


After thought:

I've described him as miserable on the premise that he doesn't appear to be very happy but then I don't think he feels miserable and maybe he is but he doesn't know it. Maybe it's selfishness. Maybe he's so tied up in his own little world and all that it entails that he forgets, has forgotten, that there's a world full of people out there who, in the course of their day to day 9 to 5, have time, are happy and willing even, to make the time, take the time even, simply to say Hi! Just ordinary folk like him,hanging in there doing whatever it takes.


The solution, of course, is to always have a smile on your face, in case someone smiles at you. Prepare in advance. Smiles. Sas
you just made me smile.
Don't do that.:roll::smile:
Yeah, you are right of course but........

Just one word, one very simple little word......"hello".
Could be an absolute game-changer.
I tuned into radio station in the middle of an interview with psychologist. A group of depressives had to say "hello", or in some way acknowledge 5 strangers each day. They had to do this for months. There was a remarkable change in their attitudes. How about a nod? No words. A nod. Assume the person you are nodding at is in NEED of self-assurance (like you). You can give it to them, by a simple movement of your head. Envision them with a cup held out. Be generous with your acknowledgement. It is not all about you and your needs. Keep that in mind.
A brother in-law who I rarely see had treatment for depression years ago and part of that treatment was to go a football match and start a conversation with a stranger. As for others needing re-assurance it's hard for a person to imagine such a thing when they have a low opinion of themselves. The annoying thing is, for me, it's not a question of making the first move, and then maybe it is, people are actually nodding and/or smiling, sometimes even speaking and I'm backing away. There's this tug of war going on in my head. Do I really want​ to talk to anybody? and what if?
I shall never forget, long time ago now. I'm a creature of habit, same place same route same time etc. well anyway. There was a period in my life where every morning me and some bloke would pass each other, he going his way and me going mine, when one day he had a right old go at me.
I can't think of the exact words but basically he didn't like that I'd never spoken to him and who the hell did I think I was sort of thing. Big mistake.
"There are old people being beaten up for a hand-ful of coins. There's a thriving drugs-market at a school in town. People don't like to go out at nights because they don't feel safe. And you've got a problem with me????" Was my response, I was seething and it showed, and I just left him standing there. I never saw him again.
Sorry to laugh, but now we know what triggers you to respond...rudeness. Friendliness...not so much.
I don't trust friendliness. Well, let's just say that I'm very wary of friendliness.
dith-,Place you live sounds like clockwork orange. There's no old people getting beat up here. Rare. Many years ago there was a horrible serial killer beating an old lady to rob her. This was in the barrio; east L.A. A crowd of insensed neighbors spontaneously formed, chasing him down, and began beating him with tire irons etc.. They didn't know who he was, just some guy robbing an old lady. Cops came and rescued him.
a couple of years ago an old man was bound gagged and killed for his pension in his own home at the bottom of my street.
My first thought is of guns, dith. Really. I guess that puts me on the 'wrong ' side in many minds. They would say I'm the problem. I would say I'm a reaction and that once people are evolved enough my reaction will be as useful as a rock tied to a stick in hammer factory. Some day we'll evolve with wings or energy bodies. Not today.

(And just as quickly, I'm over it. What is for breakfast?)
I think we have a shortage. Oh, they're here, but not too many. The ones that are though, they sure stick out. What do they call it? "Great copy" I think...
Theres a river out there calling me, full of shiny things. It's called the 101. The early lemming...erm..gets there sooner, or some such other. :)

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