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Life eh?

I suppose, I ought to think myself lucky:

Many years ago, I was a smoker and, like many, had many failed attempts at giving it up. Then, because of being incapacitated with a leg injury, my smoking got heavy, not quite to chain-smoking proportions but I was well on my way and then, completely out of the and totally unexpected, I suddenly realised that I hadn't smoked for a couple days. I actually got sick of smoking. The doc reckoned that I had unintentionally put my self through something called " aversion-therapy ". I'd over-loaded and simply didn't want any more. Ever...
Who knows what that might have done to my health? And the cost of those things nowadays.

And so to what has prompted me to post this:

Every weekend for I don't say how long now, my weekend routine has been thus:
Get home from work on Saturday morning, go shopping, get home at around lunch-time, kick off those damned boots, switch on and log in, finally pour myself a long one and at that point I can't put into words the feelings of relief and absolute pleasure of having " got there ". Job done. Joy of joys.

There have been weekends when, on a Sunday afternoon, the Cider tasted sweet flowed accordingly and I've thought that I could easily have accommodated another can or three but thought no. I didn't want my drinking to get out of hand. I drunk my quota, an amount that I thought wasn't/isn't unreasonable and that was that.
Well this weekend, having bought in my usually supply of juice, I haven't touched a drop and feeling quite pleased with myself that I don't care, it doesn't matter.

It's still early doors here on a Sunday afternoon and who knows? I might just fancy busting a can before the day is out and if I do, fancy one, I shall have one but right now, I'm not bothered by it.

Life eh?


Life always has a way of surprising us Dither. Glad to read your having a nice sunday. :)
I can relate to this Dither. I could have an addictive personality, but because I am SO aware of it- I know when I need to dry up. I probably shouldn't drink, but I do like one on a Friday night. I find something extremely gratifying in being sober and hardworking. It's more gratifying than being a sloppy drunk or nihilist. Plus I have children and as hard as it is, I do put their needs before mine, at least while they are young and so vulnerable. No one wants to grow up with an alcoholic parent.

Cheers and enjoy your weekend, dry or not.
Dear dither,
I have had a similar experience with food.
I’m sure it has something to do with my
age. They tell me as you get older your
taste buds change as does your appitite.
And over the last five or so years, that’s
been true for me. I’ve reduced
my meals from 3to 2 as well as the amount
of food... I just get full faster. I am not
complaining it’s more of a dream come true...
Hey, so maybe I should tell my smoker friends to smoke like a chimney and blow the craving out! Got it!;)

I don't know if " aversion therapy " is really practiced but that is what the doc told me. All I do know is that I could never pack up smoking and my injured leg saved my life maybe. Who knows?
I have a brother who sits looking at the tv all day because he has a muscle-wasting illness and is barely able to stand . He almost chain-smokes. It doesn't seem to bother him. I don't know.

I'm sure that my taste buds are fading with age. I love cheese and eat what is reckoned to be strong tasting, I have to take their word for that. I can barely taste it. Also, when I cook with garlic I hardly notice it.
Dith. I know for sure Aversion therapy was a real thing back in the seventies- I know because I barfed Coca Cola and red liquorice all over the back seat of a private airplane owned by a vp of Schick - Cure forSmoking. 100%, I'm sure it was real because I was there. His son was a schoolmate and had invited me to come flying.

I don't know about aversion therapy, Dith, but I can tell you how my Dad quit smoking way back in 1969. He told me he got a bad case of the flu and couldn't smoke for a week. When he recovered he realized he didn't really need to smoke and, essentially, he quit cold turkey. Maybe that's what happened with you. In any event, congratulations :D
My dad worked for ABC-tv in Chicago for as long as I could remember. He was a pretty heavy smoker. After being promoted to management and having to fill in when a technical worker's strike occurred, he saw, in his anxiety and tension of filling two or three positions of absent employees, he was smoking three cigarettes at one time - all in different ash trays! It was then he decided enough was enough and never picked one up again. I guess that's kind of an aversion-type therapy - yes? :)

could be.

I'm so grateful for my having packed up smoking all those years ago.
If you've ever seen anybody clean a pipe out after smoking, that brown/black liquid tar. To think that it coats a smoker's insides. Why do we do it? Peer-pressure? Who knows?

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