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Life eh?

Of Introspection, Retrospection, the looking back and the here and now, all screaming for attention in an over-alert ever-sensitive conscious awareness of the present.
I could so easily attempt to compose a presentation a litany of my thoughts if only it they weren't such a mess, if I only had the faintest inclination how to, and if I wasn't getting ready to face another night-shift.
I'm inspired by it almost to the point of attempting to write a story. ME! Fiction! I can't believe it.
It seems as though this is, and shall always be, the way of things.
Life eh?


I think writing fiction would be great for you. It would get you out of yourself. Invent someone else you could have been. Where's the harm?
I know it seems hard at the time to stop your mind over analysing every aspect of life so far, however my advice would be (from my own expirience of doing just similar) try to focus on the happy memories even if it feels like they won't come round again.

As Sas has suggested I have also found writing fiction has helpped me in these times, no matter if I have been at a party or on a night out when it has struck fund anything and just write, it can help you sort it out and for me it feels better to get it out without screaming, crying or speaking to anyone.

I hope that this helps, and know that you are not alone.
Seems a good idea sas and HB but I find it difficult to escape my own my own personal feelings and emotions and I really don't want anything that I might attempt to be about me. Can't totally get away from our own life experiences though can we. I suppose everything must have a grain of truth within and/or be influenced, to varying degrees, by expectations and interpretations of who and what we are or may or may not become.

Food for thought.
Unless your writing something purely objective, like a textbook, it's going to be hard separating yourself from your writing. If you have an author you read a lot, you can tell his work by the way the write, the words they use, the tone of speech, etc.

I think the best thing for you to do right now it to begin writing something. You might be to stuck in "i wanna" land, and unable to actually do anything, so just get something down. I might say it's just as important to know what you are ultimately trying to write about or say so that you have direction, but sometimes you can't get a bead on that until you got something to work with. In the end, even if you don't like what you wrote, it just narrows it down to something else you might like.

How perceptive of you. Or maybe not so perceptive. I suppose it's pretty obvious by now.
You found me out.
I've been in "I wanna " land all my life and of course this want won't ever see the light of day.
I'm too lazy to do the research. That's why I sometimes wish that something interesting would happen in my life. Real life hands it to you on a plate. Still got to know how to of course but it gives a person a start.
Maybe if I live to see retirement. Who knows? I know it's a lame excuse but I'm just so damned tired, both mentally and physically.

Thank for your response.

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