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Life eh? No. 2

When you just want to crawl into the sack and turn your back on the world for a while, but people are depending you. You can't show weakness, you have to keep going. How much longer can i do this?


I don't show it cos some-one is depending on me and as for talking to a doctor, what do they know? What do they care? How much can you say to a doctor in ten minutes? "Yes yes, take two of these three times a day. You'll be fine. NEXXXT!" Can't you just see it? And maybe i really do just need to "man-up". God i hate that expression, we are what we are.

I just realised that i've already done a " Life eh?" blog so i've added a 2 to this one.
To get the right treatment you have to lay it on thick...show the doctor..tell the doctor you need help..the hardest thing to do but it must be done...just for YOU...
i don't do "laying it on thick". It's just not my way.

Best leave it there eh?

I shouldn't keep posting this **** here but it's all i got. It's my someone to talk to.

Thanks for looking in.
Hey, dither! New day, eh? Hope the clouds have cleared a little.

Has your neighbour cleared all those apples out of their garden yet? You really should have made at least one apple crumble out of that lot. With a bit of custard, that would have been beautiful. Mmmmmmm
I often feel the same way.

I don't like showing weakness because I am aware of the problems that other people have, and I do not wish to add to them. And if they are having a good day, who am I to ruin it with my bad mood?

Thing is, as humans we need each other. That's who we are. It's part of what makes us so unique. We can all use a little bit of help, despite how much some of us hate asking for it. You just can't become completely dependent on it.

Our planet has weaknesses. Fault lines. Yet great mountain ranges rise up from them and provide us with peaks to reach. To conquer.

That's what our weaknesses can be. Places where we can grow. Problems to conquer.
Weakness is often used to describe the thoughts of other people we believe will not understand and they will not because for you to admit your weaknesses in life takes guts and strength of character to face yourself as you are and not what you want to be to the world
i don't really like my neighbours to be honest and i certainly wouldn't give them the pleasure of having given me some of their apples.
I used to love my mother's baked apples with custard but i can't remember how she cooked them.

i appreciate what you're saying but i don't do conquering either i'm afraid.

Wise words Escorial, and there lies the rub.

Thanks for the thoughts guys.
Baked apples are easy. Wash the apples (cookers are best). Keep them whole but dig out the cores with a knife. Put them on a greased baking dish and fill the middles with sugar and a few sultanas if you like them. Then just put them in the oven when you are baking spuds - they take about the same time. You can buy tins of ready-made custard these days.
i have a gas oven.
What would you suggest?
30 mins on gas mark 6?
And i like sultanas but would have to be eating apples.
Cookers, ugh!
Yes, gas mark 6 for 25 to 30 minutes is about right. It depends on the size a bit but you'll see when they are soft and cooked. You can use eating apples but sometimes they're not as juicy as cookers, just poke the sugar/sultana mix down into the cavity where the core came out and prick the outer skins with a fork to stop the skin splitting.

Now you've made me hungry! We could both be enjoying baked apples tonight. ;)
it won't be tonight for me Jen. Might be a while. It was just that i've found myself fancying them occasionally and didn't have a clue how to go about it. I shall probably post-up when i give them a try.

Thanks for your help.

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