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Let's Be Fair

I took the family to our local big Fair and Expo, called The Puyallup Fair. I wasn't too excited to go, but I'm glad I did.
Fairs today are expensive. I'm as stingy as they come, so that's a problem for me. There is SOOOOOOOO much stuff to blow your cash on. We mainly limited our spending to rides and food. Although my wife picked-up a couple of nifty kitchen whisks, and the kids got fancy iPod earbuds (Kevlar, titanium or something'). I wanted some of the freeze-dried strawberries or pineapple, for emergency storage. It was hard to restrain myself.
So we blew money on fair food. Our first purchase was a mistake. It was "The Burger that Made The Fair Famous". The meant Infamous. It was a flavorless grey disk of disappointment. Later, however, we scored at this wood-fired BBQ pit. My wife had the chicken, and I had the pork sandwich. That was delish. My daughter had a caramel apple for a snack (she just had her braces off a few months ago, so it was pure enjoyment). At the end, we split this thing called an "elephant ear". It's a big piece of fried dough with sugar and cinnamon, kinda like a huge flat churro. All together we probably consumed somewhere in the five digit range for calories.
The rides were great as well. My wife's acrophobia / vertigo meant i had to take the kids. The roller coasters were the best, especially the old wood one they had. And I had to school the kids on proper bumper car procedure. We didn't do my personal favorite, "The Zipper". I tried cajoling them, but they thought I was insane for even suggesting it. Someday...
The best news was that on the drive home I could enjoy my music in peace. No one complained, because they were all passed-out cold. Mission Accomplished.


The fair...

It has always been a tradition with us, maybe it is part of some rural hillbilly pilgrimage that must be carried out every summer. When I lived in Maine, it was the high point of the summer; everybody went to the fair.

You have to have the fried dough, buy some stuff you don't need, see people, that make you feel like evolution may have passed a few of the of them by. Country folks go to the fair, I am not sure why, only that my wife and I go every year, after vowing to never go again each year.

It is a pilgrimage, and it is necessary... Thanks for the read and the memories...Bob
Yeah. Bob. I suppose it's kind of a hick thing. We did pass through the livestock section as well. My son wants milking goats now (he drinks a lot of milk, makes sense?). And I was really surprised by the ethnic diversity at our fair. Just a bunch of different folks out for some wholesome fun.

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