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So I'm figuring out how to use this wacom tablet. I'm also listening to writing-based lectures. And I'm wondering what second language I want to learn.

I forgot how annoying learning was.

I have distant memories from my early, EARLY childhood. Just a few.Learning was fun. Learning to speak properly and express yourself, then learning bigger words.

Math was fascinating... at first.

Just learning everything about the world.

Now? It's annoying. I have a problem focusing, but I can't say that I've tried to counteract it. If anything, I've embraced it.

My physical self discipline is quite high. Mental? Nonexistent. I just can't make myself focus on anything. I HATE saying I can't do something. So I'm going to focus, even if it kills me. I'll keep learning until it's fun again, or I die trying.

I know I won't actually die, but that's how bad it is.

As if attempting to focus were causing some kind of physical pain. It feels mentally uncomfortable and unsettling. Like sitting in a weird position until your arms and legs fall asleep.Eventually, the desire to move becomes unbearable.

When I'm forced to focus, that's how it feels. Eventually, I have to think about something else. I have to mentally wander, which often involves physically separating myself from the situation that requires focus.

For a creative person, that's good. I have too many ideas. Too many stories I could write.

But not being able to actually focus and accomplish anything is a serious obstacle to writing, and life in general.

One that I aim to overcome.


I've been curious about these tablets since you brought it up the other day. It would be ideal for Mandarin East Asian languages, as well as Middle Eastern. I am always hesitant to buy new devices until I do my homework thoroughly. If you need any assistance with the second language concern, I am ideal for that advice. Spanish as my second language, French as my third, Chinese as my 4th and Arabic as my 5th. Whatever you do, I am sure you'll be fine. Just focus!
Try Duolingo for language learning and practice. It's pretty good for getting a basic understanding.

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