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Le Project

Another idea I'm logging for posterity. Ideas subject to change.

The world I have invented has several gods.

Unlike many mythologies though, they have no leader. It is more of a body, or council.

There are the gods of the ground. Those appointed directly over the planet. There is, of course, a god or goddess for each element and mix of elements, taking their place in the world where their element is most prevalent. So, the goddess of the sea is actually over the entire element of water on earth. And so on and so forth. Then there are the gods of the sky, or the heavens, as they are called, who do not make their home on earth.

As the gods of the ground were given mastery over each element on the planet, the gods of the sky control the elements in the unknown blackness of space.There is no leader, yet, they realized that, each of them being different, although they are not evil, disagreements would arise. They appointed a god of balance. One over reasonableness, to see where too it that their disputes never escalated.

Thus, the gods of the ground are under the gods of the sky, and the gods of the sky follow the way of balance, as represented by the god of balance.If you displease any of the gods of the earth, you may appeal to the gods of the sky. Then, even if they cannot agree as to what should be done, they come to balance, who decides what is to be done.

Each god, of course, has their own personality, preferences, and preferred style of worship.

Mankind, or in the case of my story, all sapient creatures are not required to serve a god, but of course many choose to.

Of course, this is only the divine system I have recently created.

I'm working out the exact details of course, names and everything.

I already have the main character. I just love world building. <3


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