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Last post! (Kidding of course)

[SUP]First night of three days, after which I'll surely be dead.

Old great 11 PM to 7 AM. Which wouldn't be a problem, except tommorrow us young ones are headed three hours away into alabama for Kami-Con.

I'll be Okabe Rintarou and everyone else is cosplaying... I tried to get an actual cosplay wig but it didn't come in, so here I am at work sporting wind-tunnel, black anime hair...Hahaha.

And I'll also be working tommorrow, so I'll be running of of three hours of sleep in the car. I'll sleep all day Sunday, but then they gave me a 10-6 monday... =.=

So if I die, let it be known I died doing what I loved... falling asleep. :D[/SUP]


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