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lacking something

it’s been an interesting few days with the rapid development of the corona virus and its spread, the world seems to have hit a wall in its desire for normalcy. Even what seems normal at times has taken on an insidious tinge of anxiety, a fear that seeps into even the mundane.

An empty street is something to behold now, something we grab onto and point at, saying ‘look what’s happened’ despite its occurrence before. A cough or a sneeze are now things to be wary of doing when you leave your house, lest you be met with a look from those around you.

And perhaps to top it all off, I am still being told to come to work. I will try not to belabor the fact for I know there are many without jobs or recourse in this time. But I wish to say the reaction of ignoring and postponing until a time when it is no longer feasible (in this case, until the government tells us we can’t go to work) is a poor and uninspiring reaction.

While the logic can be followed – we are all young, and if we get sick, we won’t be in danger – it is short sighted and shallow. I can appreciate the impact this will have on a business, but that is no excuse to put your employees at risk as well.

I can’t accept that or the logic driving it. Especially when my occupation is writing content on a computer, something easily made remote.

This will be a short one. I’ve not been in a good mood to write lately, which is unfortunate. Something in the air, I suppose .

But I’ll leave you with a poem and a thanks for reading this short draft of a thought.

Snow cloud sky
Outside my window
Even the wind is still.


I will say that while the young-and-healthy have nothing to worry about, that going to work at this time could get them sick, and therefore somebody that they live with could get sick who DOES have to be worried.

At the same time, there are lot of people right now who are out of a job, and they might live paycheck to paycheck, or at best have enough to survive for a month. Obviously I hope that they can reach out and get some sort of assistance; I have watched people in my town band together and go shopping for the elderly or those in quarantine, for example. But in terms of raw financial support, in many cases I think there's not much that can be done because so many people are in the same boat. And if they're not in the boat now, they're about to be.

So while I'm not saying that I think Starbucks actually has my best interest in mind by doing everything they can to stay open, the result is that *for now* I don't have to worry about how I'm going to eat, not get evicted, or afford gas. Likewise for my roommate who works at a donut-and-coffee shop.

The economic repercussions looming in the near future, and already being felt in some small ways, is pretty worrisome. But I've had enough paranoia, fear, and panic for one year.

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