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Lack of creativity

This will be short, most likely. Who knows though? It might turn into brilliance.

I doubt that.

I really haven't written anything in awhile. My creative flow to tell a story or a poem that's deeper than what I've been writing.

I like what I have written lately on the forum (which really hasn't been a lot) but I've been looking at my old poetry and I miss being deeper when I write. I don't know if it's because I'm too tired emotionally to get anything out, or if I'm just doubting myself again and I just don't realize that it's effecting me.

There's a story I started back in college, that I still want to write. I had such a passion for it, but I have such a horrible time motivating myself. My biggest excuse for myself is that I'm dealing with other stuff. If I can just get the other stuff sorted then I can write to my hearts content.

It just doesn't work that way. I tell myself that all the time. "It doesn't work that way, Ashley. You have to push past it."

What if I'm not meant to write? What if I'm not meant to extract from my brain? My biggest fear is not being able to. I just need to do it. I want to start a big time blog too, come up with ideas and just let it all flow, but I feel like I have nothing to give worthwhile. That's just my poor self esteem talking though. One of these days I'll believe in myself a little more. I think my problem is I used to write all the time about everything and about my feelings but I haven't done that in a long time, even though when I do, my emotions are much more organized and my thoughts have a place to lay, rather than spilling over and flooding me.

One of these days. One of these days. Tomorrow maybe? Tonight?

I will try.

I will.


Liked and thanked because I can relate.

The dad of one of my best friend's says, "If you ask yourself whether or not you're good enough, you aren't good enough."

A new favorite line from a video game I've been playing is, "You can't force an artist to work."

Remember that. A little bit of self-doubt is healthy, but don't let it control you. It's more like a checks-and-balances system. And if you really can't write, just don't do it. I know that there have been times where I felt my work was lacking emotion. Sometimes I just couldn't represent it the way I wanted to and do it justice, other times I never had it in the first place. But that's okay! Even though in the moment it might not seem alright, everybody goes through it; what matters is how.

So all that being said, a few things that help me are exercise, reading, or writing something else. I haven't finished a short story in a very long time, and I haven't finished a novel EVER. But I often write poetry, and that's a very cathartic thing for me, and fortunately also something I am good at, not to mention a good distraction if I get stuck. Try any of those things, or a combination, and see if it helps you too. Also, maybe just taking a total break will help. Go out and do some stuff. Get away for a little bit. Coming back with a totally fresh perspective can do wonders.

Like you said, another important part is to try. Don't quit for the wrong reasons. Quitting and taking a break are two different things, too. ;D

Best of luck Ashley! ^_^

I will call it maturity

When you were younger all things seemed new, the experiences, sights and sounds all had an impact because you were seeing and taking in all sorts of new stimuli giving you tons of stuff to write about.

There are two kinds of writers in my narrow little mind, those that write about what they experience and those that live through fantasy or some else's lives.

Being on the forum means you are "not" experiencing new things but gaining a new appreciation or finding a comfort zone that you can relax in.

I have always been a firm believer that there is a time and place for everything. I can only offer this. Find something real to do, something exciting and challenging, get dirty, get hurt, take a chance, try something you never done before, push yourself to be courageous, kind and selfless in any area of your life and you will find that you have plenty to share with your friends in cyber space and you will have words that all will listen to.

Also remember this months NFLM, http://www.writingforums.com/threads/159452-Sept-2015-NFLM-An-event-or-moment-that-changed-your-life. If you haven't had one yet, go out and make one. Then write about it and we can all enjoy it :} Bob
Smith - I think one of the things I stopped doing, was writing for my catharsis and it's kind of limited me. I get to the point where I feel like I can't get any words out. I like your quotes too. Especially the one about if you think you aren't good enough. It made me think. It makes me want to prove that concept wrong.

I can do this, and I can write. I gotta stop letting my negativity control how I deal with my writing slump. Thank you for the encouragement. I actually started writing in a book I got of 300 writing prompts, and I'm slowly writing more tidbids now. Thank you for reading Kyle, it's much appreciated. ^_^

Plastic - Right you are. I've been wanting to go out and explore for some time now. What has stopped me? My laziness? Poor excuses? No time? I'm young, I should have all the time in the world. I'm going to take your advice and explore a bit. I haven't really allowed myself to do that. Whether out of fear or something else, I've never just truly gone out and adventured.

Maybe I will enter the contest. Been awhile since I participated in the NFLM. Hopefully there will be something, that yes, everyone can enjoy. Thank you for reading and for your words Bob ^_^

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