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kid jokes

Amidst all the hurricanes and protesting going on here in the US, I am glad to be around kids, as frustrating as they are. My kid came out to me before bed with a moose puppet and proceeded to pull a marble out of the puppet's nose and have the moose puppet eat the marble. Because I have the maturity level of a 7 year old, I found it ridiculous funny, but gave him a critique anyway on better delivery. He tried it again on my husband, who lacks any sense of humor about farts, boogers, or poo. Apparently, it's all me!:culpability:


We were driving, the three of us, Jr. was about 3.. He and mom were going on and on, back and forth, each starting, each adding, both in pirate/biker tough-guy voice making a lis of what a macho pirate/biker has: a scar, and a gun, and big knives, and a beard,
and finally, a tattoo:

mom-"Yeahh...and I got a tattoo!"
Jr.-"Yeah, a tattoo!",
mom-"of ...",
Jr.- "a poodle-"
mom- "yeah! A poodle..."
Tina, You're making me so nostalgic. I had a small hand puppet stage with a red velvet curtain ,at my home, for my grandgirls. When they visited they would pull me to it, pleading, "Talk it, gammy, talk it!" Now the curtain stays pulled, and they'd love me to shut up. Enjoy those children while they still want to play, and with you. I've become peripheral.

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