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Keep Your Head Down

I'm all full of pessimistic Doom and Gloom on a normal day. But for everyone in The U.S., November 8th may be a good day to call in sick. And maybe the next day or two after that.

This has been an emotional, contentious time and it will only boil over after half of the nation doesn't get their candidate elected. Things won't be bad in the suburbs or countryside, but for God's sake, I'd avoid every major city for a day or two. At the very least, you're looking at city centers and highways getting shut down by protesters. Looting and rioting isn't likely, but is surely possible. It may be isolated, or rage like a wild fire.

It's short notice, but if you have kept putting off getting emergency supplies, do it this weekend. Make plans to care for any kids and old folks in your life. Getting around may not be easy. Gas-up the car before Monday.

You know, I'm probably wrong about this. You also know I could be right.


Everyone is experiencing a certain level of anxiety. I don't think the cities will shut down, but I think people will be very upset and emotional.
Just reading comments on political sites makes me think the whole country is nuts; however, I remember the 60's - and my wife was in Chicago 1968 Dem convention when military was prowling the streets. She survived, I think we will. This "I'm right and you're wrong lets fight" attitude needs to change ,though.
midnightpoet;bt7960 said:
This "I'm right and you're wrong lets fight" attitude needs to change ,though.

So what am I supposed to shout at my telly about? ;)
religion has been preaching for the end of the world to keep the masses turning up but politics might just achieve the goal
Well folks, I was wrong (thank God). At least in the short term. Good to see everyone keeping it together.

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