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Just Watch: A Terrible Loss

Just wrote this up on a whim a few moments ago. Thought it sounded pretty chill. Hope you enjoy!

Just Watch: A Terrible Loss

Daily on a schedule, it only watches you.
You. Yourself. Deep within, those parts that you hide from the beasts of society that would ravage your body and destroy your good name if they caught even the slightest scent.
Parts of you that even you question, and of sometimes, are not sure.
The degrading actions you've undertaken, the horrid tastes you have purveyed onto others.
It watches.

Waiting, watching, and fading away.

It cries, sobbing hysterically behind it's veil of quicksilver. It weeps for what could have been, what was, and what you've done to that which was once an innocent child. It weeps in regret, sometimes as it runs a razor over its own arteries, it's own breath... it's own throat. The razor slides with a deathly sound as stubble is removed, and clean, soft skin is revealed.

Sometimes whilst jerking sporadically, foaming at the mouth and spitting upon the porcelain in a show of it's most primordial cleanliness.

It wails, banging to be set free. It wants to reveal the truth, but alas, it can only face you. You, who are full of distrust and unwilling to face he who would face you.

It wails in utter agony.

It shudders in terrible anxiety, knowing one day, you will destroy it. You... will break the mirror.

Signed Sincerely,
The Comatose Mind.


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