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Just submitted my first article to Elance...

Oh I DO hope it is accepted. I spent about 25-30 hours researching, writing, and editing over the past three or four days (they blur together) so at least I can say I did the necessary work.

The final draft can be found here: Growth Hacking -- An Overview Of New Age Marketing

It's a bit longer than I expected (shot for 1200 words, ended up with 1700) but it contains all the relevant info and I did edit for simplicity.

AH! I hope it's accepted! It's for some small amount of money, but it's the experience that I want, the reputation, the REHIRE!

Wish me luck, lots of luck! I need to go lay down. This is very stressful, but it's a good kind of stress. I have all sorts of insecurities and anxieties attacking me right now, but it's done and out of my hands. Let them say what they will.



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