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Just Shocking!

The Seattle metro area is, what one could call, a 'progressive' area. Left leaning politics, eco-crazy policies and style. This isn't East Coast Chic, or So Cal Cool. This is Emerald City Nice.

Yet, Seattleites are nice in their own unique way. Which is to say, they are primarily nice with other people's money, and lives, and practical with their own.

Bikes are nice. Take out car traffic lanes and spend Dept. of Transportation money catering to cyclists. It helps the environment, the cyclists and makes people feel better. Except for the drivers. But it's OK not being nice to some people.
It's also OK not being nice to property owners. Ducks and big, filthy Canadian Geese need to be treated nice. If you own property, and it has any standing water, it's a wetland. Waterfowl need that mud puddle. You will not get a permit to build that house. Open space is nice, but homes for people are not (unless their super high density for the Proles, and estates for the Elites).

Here is the 'random flier' in the pattern: Electric cars. The two major models for sale today are the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf. Electric cars are nice. Liberal Seattle Nice. The cars themselves don't produce emissions, although the electricity still comes from somewhere. A large portion of Washington State electricity comes from natural gas plants. Natural gas is nicer than coal, but still produces emissions. As long as those emissions are around blue-collar cities like Tacoma and Bellingham, that's nice. "My car doesn't produce emissions." Tell that to the asthmatic kid south of Tacoma.

I've seen a few Nissan Leafs over the last few months. I really don't have a problem with them. They seem like a good car to get around in an urban environment. The
thing that doesn't make much sense... No Chevy Volts.

President Obama touted the Volt a while back. He 'saved' G.M. (i.e. gave the company to the unions). The Volt was supposed to be "the future". We know about the little fire issue the Volt had. That shouldn't have stopped the eco-friendly zealots in Seattle from snatching them up. I mean, it's like a rock star touting your favorite product. You wanna be "cool" like everyone else. Yet, everyone is buying the car made by the less subsidized Japanese company. What happened?

I know, most lefties don't trust anything "American". I don't think that explains it. I mean, THE ONE endorsed it. If He endorsed a Yugo, Seattleites would buy them. Hec, they buy the (mis named) Smart Car, even without The Anointed One's endorsement.

The answer's pretty obvious: Many of these people may be self-righteous, obnoxious statists that would throw you under (or worse yet, on) the bus...
But they're not stupid. The Leaf is better than the Volt. And if these people know how to do anything, it's take care of themselves. There's nothing nicer than that.

So, where the rubber meets the road, they dump Barry and his taxpayer subsidized flop. After all he's done for them (insert crickets chirping here). A bit disloyal, perhaps. But understandable.

I finally saw a Volt on Alaskan Way last week. It still had dealer plates on it. In the eco-friendly Emerald city, the dealer tags may as well have read "No Sale".


I went to Seattle on Monday and now that I've read your post, I think I've seen everything you've mentioned here! Haha, I've always loved how sustainable we are up in the Northwest. In terms of knowing how to sustain ourselves and our environment, I think we are way ahead of everybody else.

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