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Just Letting it Out

Every once in a while, in a coffee shop or a library or wherever I may find myself passing the time as a passive observer of the world of humanity, I see that one individual. That one person who inexplicably outshines everyone and everything around her. She doesn’t beg for attention, nor even seem to want it, but she has it. Or, at the very least, she has one world—my world—entirely revolving around her, if only for a brief moment in the afternoon.
She seems to emit a light, compared to which everything else pales, yet by which all else is beautified. It is not something able to be seen, yet only by sight is it observed.
My mind wanders into a newly blossoming realm, birthed by absorption of her world into mine. I drift into could be, would be, always hopeful to be. Future becoming past in a present eclipsing both. I emerge on the other side with a smile, floating back down to my comfy, cushioned seat.
She reminds me what beauty really is. Monet painted shadows, Mozart sounded echoes. She makes me rediscover that all the finest works of man, no matter how beauteous they may be, are but pieces of a greater whole. Not a one of them will ever measure up to the breathtaking gift of beauty humanity has in each other, a glimpse of beauty yet to come.


**Creeper alert!**

Kidding, of course. Beautiful and poetic work here, man. You're going to make some nice lady a great stalker someday. :)
Hehe, yeah it's a bit strong. I think the goings-on of the human mind is something humanity has agreed to collectively lie to each other about. We know our own thoughts are often outside the bounds of what would be considered "normal," and would probably elicit an "um, what?" reaction if known. And we realize other people are the same, but we take their watered down versions for what they are because we prefer to take our own in that way.

Or maybe it's just me. *shrugs*

As for this instance, well I think it's kind of the opposite. More just me taking a mundane moment and flowering it up for the sake of writing something flowery. I was supposed to be studying for a Biology lab final when this was written. I did not do well on that exam. Just like right now I'm supposed to be doing a paper. Writing is ruining my life.

I think that's the secret for me. When I should be writing I procrastinate and do something else. When I should be doing srs bsns I procrastinate by writing. So I just need to fill my life with non-writing obligations and I will become so friggin prolific.

Wow. Such author. So write. Very superstar. Wow.

Not quite sure what happened in this response. I think I just wrote a whole new blog post in a comment. Whoops.

Anyways, thanks for reading and commenting, Plur. Appreciate it, bud.

P.S. I just fixed a line in the last paragraph that I realized may have come across in the wrong way.

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