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Just in a mood...

Hello there, Bloggin..i always felt put off by the term blog. I am more use to the terms journal or writers log. No matter what the term though I feel that the art and the heart of it remains the same. Writing and art, a craft, a certain level of passion that burns within a person. If you are a true writer I believe there is a certain hypnotism to the craft of it.
The thing that drew me into writing happened when I was in high school. We got an assignment to write at least 5 poems and the best ones throughout the class would be published in this poetry book that took poems from kids all across the country. The kicker to getting the poem published was you had to purchase a copy of the book for them to put the poem in the book.
Anyway, I submitted 3 good ones that got sent in and the one that ended up in the book was by far the LAMEST poem I have ever written. I can still remember it.
There was a guy named Ite...ok i forget the rest now but that was the title ITE. It was a quick four or five line poem that I just jotted down because I caught the rhyming part of ite with kite and fight. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed that I had two very better ones that they totally disregarded. Such is the way of life, the gems are often overlooked. I think I'll post some of my poems from back in day for everyone to check out. I haven't written any new poetry since...well, I can't recall, years is about all I can say. Haven't had the luxury of seeing life with that innocent energy in a while.
Anyone who actually reads this far I'll take the time to say feel free to contact me about writing or ideas. I'm mulling over some things of my own and I can't stress how good it feels to have found this site in particular. This place beats the snot outta facebook in terms of coherency and respectability. I am actually interested in what people are saying in these threads. I like that term for writing logs..'threads'. "Oh, what tangled webs we weave."


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