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Just another bus ride

10.30. ish, on a saturday morning, aboard a bus, on the way to my nearest Aldi store, a ten minute bus-ride, and i'd nodded off,again. The wailing of an ambulance siren, the bus, braking sharply, and pulling over to make way, had suddenly, and quite sharply, roused me from my doze.Then,having wrestled with my senses, the "what?Where?When?" Confusion of it all, and acute feelings of embarrassment , not for myself, but for my fellow passengers, i snore you see, quite loudly, apparently, i was hit by the "post nap shivers", i felt so cold, being woken up in transit as it were,also, i'd passed my intended stop and would have to get off a.s.a.p. Well, needless to say, i did eventually get to Aldi's, bought the few things needed, and had myself back on track, another bus-stop, another bus-ride, and i was off to visit a Morrison's store some eight miles away.
Whereas i would usually have time to kill, i wasn't waiting many minutes before my bus arrived, and in no time at all, i had alighted and was on my way to the library.This is a very important first port of call, not only for the obvious, but there is a public loo there, and i, with my 62 yr old bladder, i'll say no more. Unable to find a book of interest, i now needed to eat, brekkers, compliments of my favorite chippy.Dining out, dither-style.
"Copied by many,battered by none" reads the sign outside, well, i don't know about that, but sitting in an empty bus-stop shelter, with a tray of hot chips, salted and vinegard, life didn't seem so bad.
My contentment was short lived however, looking up from my chips, i spotted amongst the comers and the goers, a woman with whom i pass the time of day every other wednesday night as i catch my bus to work, shit! Now what? Head down and carry on eating, that's what.The next time i looked up, there she was, at a bus-stop some distance away, looking straight at me, had she recognised me? And what about next Wednesday evening? I can only reiterate, shit!
Never mind,a short leisurely amble through the market, a stall-holder offering spuds, a quid a bag, seven decent sized roasters?Yes please:D, and onwards to where a big pee-green sign, and i do mean "pee" green, bids the shopper welcome, on behalf of Morrison's supermarket.Now all that was left to do, was get a multi-pack of chocolate bars, a couple of lotto-tickets, and it would be mission accomplished.
And so it was. Just one more bus-ride, home James, and don't spare the derv.

I have A Saturday routine, usually involving bus-rides to and from places local. I shop,wander ( mentally as well as physically), there has to be an availability of a public toilet/toilets , more often than not,chips,and some place to sit,eat, and ruminate.

I try to be alert to time,life,people,things,anything, just waiting for stuff to happen, well, this time it just didn't. life eh??

Just another bus ride.



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