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I've been discovering the joys of the 'ignore' feature recently. Far more enjoyable than getting annoyed by certain mindless members. I suppose I had been afraid of 'missing something'...but, yanno, I ain't missin' a thing.
The internet is the home of the ill-informed hot take, so I shouldn't be surprised.
On the other paw, I have two books coming out around the end of this week -- both of them are specfic/horror anthologies from Planet X Publications.
Test Patterns: Creature Features is the second volume of the flagship series, and Caravans Awry is the initial volume of the "Pulp" series, which is seen as a possible quarterly.
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It's a pity that you need the ignore option [ I've come close to using it ] but it IS useful.
Now I have to wonder.
And yeah, congrats with the books.

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