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word association
concise improv
short stories
consolidated theme

where did all of those sorely sought thoughts go when virtual space did a little wormhole of a dance shaking off pointers like dog fur spun splatters?

it was after a summer rain, of that i am sure. the stagnant stifling humidity stuck skin to everything; adhesive, cohesive, static, dynamic, and bleed, i did.
i built a monastery in the clouds and repeated the gist. splatters?

at least the disintegration occurred after the roll of the thunder and rose-white arc had faded to smell like ozone, sound like violet noise sizzling and dance stop frame ghostly storyboard.

brick by brick

(circa 2011?)
-brute hearse n'arms-

the earth was flat, yet.
the shadows of spear
in an eccentric
eclipse blurred.

cloaked softly organic,
called orders:
some thought satanic

upon the hill,
deep in vale,

bodies clashed:
hit the floor;
for the moment,
those names of god
were no more.

gods would not be buried
any more than axioms, forgot;
there would always be seekers
and that which they sought.

ashes to ashes, dust to dust:
in my father's house
lamps flow in trust;
lumens there, in colors glow,
warming some that do not know.

machines exist
of technology.
divine is;

dogma is my parents' pet.

ref 05052011, 250 words

In hushed tones the sound became melody became images became words.

Great protrusions burst, releasing silica spore and feverously whipping
salt settling fluff into clouds; gifted one great body of fluid to another to another.

The features of his face smeared as time polished the stone of him
with the water of him mingled as it had become with the stone and
water of her, and then again with her, and then with her.

"Domination is not stewardship.", translated the melody.

"In honor and humility I reflect upon this symbol of my ancestors as I do the action of learning of it.

Only with the passing of time the learning will become understanding will become wisdom.

This symbol is greater than any gallery of images or library of volumes of words, and yet it is small."

Reverently, with gentle attentiveness, he worked.

The melody was reassuring even as he was reminded of the human experience of life that was his path.
His mind, heart, and spirit flowed in harmony with the melody.
His body resynchronized and recalibrated itself, as they danced.

He had seen the results of his learning.
Too little of one thing and there was deficiency; malnutrition, illness, and failure to thrive.
Too much of another form of it could be easily mistaken for the same error in judgment.

Revealed in freedom.
Reduced as judged appropriate.
How little would be enough?
Formed to his vision of beauty, needle by needle.

Bowing low, he departed the Bonsai.


ws espouse,
etym to make an offering or perform a rite,
t4d alexander pope, middle path

*edit results* yay!


2 safety
4 peaks and valleys
6 forced rectification
8 clip, cull, frequency, amplitude:
2 flatline


5 rite and ritual
7 layman's homage to wisdom
5 principles obscured


5 espouse patronage
7 ADHD HPA form
5 quarterly profits
ws acerbate,
etym bitter, sharp
t4d arthur conan doyle, data first

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5 pointy styx, well aimed
7 consensus scapegoats, fair game
5 acerbate endu(h)rlings

-bit, her-

5 sunshine to shadow
7 emotional investment
5 to have loved and lost


5 photons oscillate
7 in symphonic resonance
5 rainbow tide lightning

-(n)dust tree all-

2 reflex
4 desired outcome
6 optimum condition
8 destabilize and flash firmware
2 employ

ws heimisch,
etym to settle or dwell,
t4d max frisch, harm of anger

*edit results* yay!

-gut ei kerl und haferfloken-

5 heimisch henry sat,
7 never _needing_ to respond;
5 came naturally

-hey, mis(h)-

5 she settles and dwells,
7 coffee cup fitted to grasp:
5 lazy, summer morn


2 one point
4 torus result
6 of energy vector
8 radial expansion through plane:
2 exhaust

ws apricate,
etym expose/open,
t4d haruki murakami, memory survival fuel

*edit results* yay!

-scalar grrrr<->ay-

5 seven and seven
7 apricate, assimilate
5 highlight and shadow

-oh, pen (e)x.pose-

5 lung launched syllables
7 mixed tones evoke action
5 script animation

-serf vibe-

2 album
4 red hot searing
6 rapid recoil adjust
8 stride becomes more confident
2 detail

ws laissez-faire,
etym let.do, economists,
t4d kevorkian

*did one round in- thread :)*
2 tasty
4 sweet substitute
6 aspertame, sorbitol
8 savor auditory break down
2 tonal
*tuesday schedule waiver :s*
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ws de rigueur,
etym, ref mortis,
t4d Hubert Humphrey, the least of us
*did one round in- thread :)*

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ws soi-disant,
etym self proclaim,
w4d William Pit, necessity
argument of tyrants
creed of slaves

*edit results* yay!, but barely

-monomorphic l.oci f.oci-

5 personne soi-disant
7 similarities abound
5 primary focus

2 require
4 necessity
6 optical illusion
8 maslow's hierarchy, bird's eye
2 or worm
F05292015, correct

ws laissez-aller,
t4d JFK, spiritual warrior peer

-running with scissors-

5 laissez-aller pur
7 enough rope to hang oneself
5 cause and effect test

- ±1 -

2 vote
4 voice heard
6 renegotiation
8 consumer based economy
2 steady

ws pathography
enty grief scratch
t4d Thomas Hardy, counterbalance

-sort, he-

5 what, aristotle,
7 if pathography had been
5 your own legacy?

2 prescribe
4 master enslaved
6 predator become prey
8 empathetic identity
2 opus


5 distorted mirror
7 magnifies wounds, scars, creases
5 discard eye twinkle

ws performative,
etym furnish through (utterance),
t4d Lawrence Lessig, oligarchy/trickle down fail

5 performative wisp
7 heard, stirred, steered what he most feared:
5 "BE GONE!!" and they were

2 endless
4 magic word tales
6 carried on by winds summoned
8 reorganization command
2 *pause.says*

5 by definition,
7 insane examples abound:
5 they want your cookie

ws stridulate
etym shrill/creak
t4d Robert Fulcrum, discern inconvenience

2 listen
4 harp elytron
6 in stridulate chorus
8 see swarm phase synchronization
2 relax

-to.mought.tow to.mate.tow-

5 to trouble, to try;
7 forfeit battle to win war:
5 shades of grey, you say

-missa, unter.stod-

5 duck her shrill response
7 find lintel with fingertips
5 empty shell complete

ws mala fide
etym bad faith
t4d G T Angell, source

*did one round in- thread :)*

*edit results*
ws podunk
etym algonquian/moddegan
w4d Cole Porter, project muse

5 trailside leaves rustle
7 Algonqian river flows
5 campfire settlement

2 target
4 pleasure reframed
6 responsible power
8 subjective values convergent
2 apply

-branched slow grow-

5 podunk padiddle
7 part fact, fiction and riddle
5 porch swing and fiddle



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