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This entry is part of a series of entries "The Character Studies and Philosophies of the Minor and Major Powers of the Annexlexcian Conturium"
Joshua ( Character Study of the Major Powers of the Annexlexcian Conturium)

Lucifina possessed Eve’s Body and Spirit while leaving her soul untainted for the purpose of conceiving a Child to call Her own as well as granting Adams wish by fulfilling his desire to know His God in the Flesh.

Being that She was non-corporal in the early Paradise phase the only way for Lucifina to conceive a child without fully manifesting Herself was to fully possess the physical body and the mental functions of Eve, have Adam plant his seed into the womb of Eve, and wait for conception to occur.

Like all of the First Born; twin fetuses’ (male and female) formed inside Eve’s womb. Lucifina took control of the womb whereby she cut off the oxygen to the female twin letting the male absorb the female fetus into itself and infusing the male with Her Angelic Essence. He was born from the seed of man (Adam) and womb of woman (Eve) and yet was more than a Child of Earth for He also was a Child of Heaven; a product of Lucifina’s possession, magics, and incantations and was gifted with the knowledge of all the magics, sorceries, and histories reserved only for Highest of Angels. He was Lucifina’s Child in Spirit, and Heart, and She so named Him: Joshua, a Son of Heaven, and Earth.

Joshua was unique amongst all the Powers in that He was First Born as well as Created. He was conceived in the womb of women (Eve) while Eve’s body and spirit was invaded and subdued by Archangel Domini Lucifina. Through Her magics, incantations, and sorceries, She instilled Him with Angelic String Dust and a part of her own Divine Essence. He was Angel as well as Man.

When Joshua was born: Lucifina relinquished Her possession of Eve and whisked the Child to the lower heavens. He spent His formative Dream Linked Cycles in a Heavenly Oasis of palaces and gardens designed and created by Lucifina for Her Son. He was gifted with a Harem of Belladelina Angels (semi-corporal sex slaves and child bearers) for Him to indulge with in any way that he willed, as well as supplying and spraying His Angelic Semen into their birth cavities to produce an Army of corporal ‘Angelic Warriors’ of a lower angelic caste that would serve as His companions and Honor Guard. They were to be known as the ‘Josifi Guard’.

Lucifina became concerned with the idyllic and carefree lifestyle She created for Her Son. He was Happy and content in His Heavenly Oasis and was loath to leave it. She needed Him to one day be Her successor and the Savior of Mankind. He needed to be a Hardened Warrior not some pampered Prince. She placed a Spellitron amongst a select few in His harem and guard and used Her magics to enflame rage in His Heart.

Joshua’s Sin (a coming of age story)​

Joshua felt a strange sensation, a foreboding of sorts, as he woke from His nap under the rainbow tree. He heard laughter and grunting sounds coming from the Crystal Lake. A part of Him wanted to run back to His palace and enjoy the fruits of His home but His curiosity got the better of Him and proceeded to the lake to find out who was having all this fun without Him.

What he saw shocked the core of His being. Six of His consorts and six members of His guard were involved in heavy sexual play and bantering without His consent. He became enraged at this affront; drew His sword and started hacking His guards to pieces. He repeatedly raped and beat His consorts until they were nothing but broken bits of torn flesh and battered bone.

As His rage subsided He found Himself in a pool of blood and guts. He was overwhelmed with remorse and guilt and howled His despair throughout the heavens. It was His perverse need for physical pleasures that blinded Him to the needs of others. The angels He raped and killed were His lovers, friends, and Semen created. He needed to atone for His Sins. He took out His jeweled encrusted knife and was about to cut off His manhood. He was an abomination and needed to suffer for His sins. As the knife was about to slice off the Divine Penis; Lucifina stopped it in mid stride. She wrapped Her arms around Him and soothed His aching Heart.

She told Him it was time to leave the lower heavens and join Her in Paradise. She told Him His father and surrogate mother were being banished from the first gate for their transgressions against Her and it was time for Him to make it His new home. She made it a desert by scorching the lands with Her White Fire so that He can better atone for His sins in an uncomfortable environment. She made a Pathway for His redemption.

Joshua was truly grateful to His Mother and vowed that He would do all that was asked of Him. He would become a fountain of Purity and disavow all physical pleasures. He would become a Warrior Monk…

Like all of the Powers Joshua was a shape shifter who rarely if ever shifted to other forms but one. His favorite form other than His own was that of an old white haired bearded man. He loved looking like an old grandfatherly grizzled wizard. It made Him a beloved and feared Paternal Figure.

Joshua was one of the Most Beautiful of beings. Born of Angel and Man;
He possessed four wings of multi-colored splendor that spanned two body lengths. A muscled body chiseled to perfection with long flowing hair of gold and eyes of blue gray. His skin was of a reddish golden hue and teeth the whitest of white with a smile that can light up the night skies.

He like His Mother, Lucifina, was a vision to behold…

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