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Is an Icelandic christmas eve tradition, where families exchange books as presants, and then spend the whole day reading said book and drinking hot chocolate. I was reminded for this again this evening, after stumbling across it a few years ago. And thought you guys migh find it as intereasting as I do. :)

Follow the link for more information:


Does anyone/where have somethimg similar, as I know in England schools follow world book day and got me wondering if there were any other book holidays or tradition?


I wud luv that but all the people I've ever got a present of stopped reading books after they left school....
Swap shop back again....won't swap me books but I could dig out k-plunk or Alvin stardust LP...will swap for 1st edition,first print crackerkack 72 annual..
Hahaha I meant buy a book to send for christmas eve, I wouldn't swap any ofmine either esc as half of mine are signed and dedicated. :)
When you do your first book signing I'm gonna go an buy one ask you to sign it...won't be to esc though...
Lol see if I realise its you. That's if I ever get my book finished and how well it does. :)
I have no idea what that smells like, hahaha, but if ever make it that far I will tfy and look out for you, in Liverpool. :)
Start at 1:50 for the relevance to your "book exchange":
If you see a man in a white suite an shoes it could be me or an imposter....will you be wearing a ball gown...?
Probably not a ball gown, but quiet likely a dress of some descrption.

And Winston the video doesn't work.

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