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Jodie Foster Slams Superhero Movies

I came across this article...


It basically says that Jodie Foster thinks that Super Hero movies are destructive to the human race. She's been met with a pretty negative reaction on that. And, wow, I can now see how an older person feels watching a willful youth charge down the wrong path in life despite the advice you try and give them.

Many people will think Jodie was being hyperbolic, but I don't think so. A lot of the firsts of these super hero movies aren't to bad. Some of them are pretty entertaining- I didn't have regrets watching it. But then there were the others. Suicide squad was a bad movie. Batman vs Superman was a stupid movie. And Wonder Woman was a vapid movie. But what makes a movie destructive. It's not the movie, itself, that's destructive. It's more the audiences reaction to it. To put this in a better way, imagine a couple of sailors drill a hole in the hull of the ship to turn one of the compartments in the lower part of a ship into a "scuba room". This idea is awful for a number of reasons..you'd think. But instead of going white in the face, other people cheer this action and join in. What a great idea. The captain comes to see what the noise is about and loses...his...poop. No one can understand why the captain is so mad. Everyone's just trying to have fun.

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then the road to a destroyed society is paved with people...just wanting to have fun. It's not just any one movie, or any one thing, it's a concert of questionable practices in society. When you group them all up, you step back and wonder just when things became so topsy-turvy. Little by little. Boiling frogs and all that. If you ever saw the movie "Idiocracy", then you'd understand Jodie Foster's comment. Pleasures...convenience...fun...

Have we not figured out that sugar is a drug? Sure it's sweet. Sure it's fun to eat. But...long term...it's poison.


why are there no superhero's over 40.....spiderman,superman...could all be grandads
That's ageism...40+ and Lycra suits...what's wrong if Spiderman or Superman have a bit of middle age spread going on....

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