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Jax-by-Jax Literary Writer's Festival

So today was a fabulous day in Jacksonville - we had a literary book and author's festival of sorts - many authors and poets came and brought their new books, launched their newly published works, did readings, shared their work, their joy, congratulations, Women Writing for (a) Change - FABULOUS! new anthology: (a) River Rising............. Beautiful!

At the beautiful downtown Jacksonville Library and Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Performance Artist Poets, writers, artists, wonderful people, a culturally uplifting, spiritually expanding, loving, wonderful day. How else can I express it, than to say that it was nirvana, sheer nirvana.......... I LOVED it!

So, here I am, a glass of Cabernet,
a keyboard, my puppy, a smile,
traces of words upon the lips and tips,
tremble on roses and star drops,
shimmer and shake, I see shadows
moonbeams and teardrops,
beginnings, crisp pages, fresh ink.

hmmmmmmmmm I wanna write!

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