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January Challenge: "Fiery Glow"

I am breaking through achievements.

First time trying the poetry challenge.
First time blogging a forum comment.
First time writing a genuine (not previously published online) poem on WF.
First time being inspired by anything for writing on WF.

You get the gist.
Or is it gist me?

Please provide feedback below. I am curious to see your thoughts on my writing.

PrinzeCharming;1950461 said:
Spark of Love

A wounded organ nestles in the arctic space,
an aspiring black widow with venom seeping from the sides.
Euphoric beats once played with a dopamine race,
The bandshell held a mosh pit of butterflies.

Beautifully crafted cocoons left from infatuation or lust,
the decreased caterpillars shriveled from insufficient trust.
Dismembered victims carried wings that once tickled the walls,
new echoes from a voice linger from the calls.

Warmth restores the moisture and growth,
the sporadic eggs represent a brand new oath.
The arctic space reflects light like the blazing sun,
the beating rhythm overrides what was done.


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