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January 6, 2016 - July 6th, 2016. Half a Year, Just the Beginning.

On February 9th, I claimed this was a minor form of Obsessive Forum Contribution Disorder (OFCD). As RhythmOvPain mentioned, "You've done quite a bit in one month."

[First Month Blog Entry]

Well, I've been doing a lot for the past six months. My personal life became brutal from deaths to busy work schedules. In my fourth month blog recap, I mentioned a few things. I said I would increase engagement in Writing Related: Writing Discussion. Well, I tried. I said I would increase engagement in Groups: New writers bunch and Young writers. I tried that too.

I brought up the promotion of WF writing competitions, encourage participation and continue judging. I recently earned the Star Critter and Star Judge 5. I mentioned that I would extend awareness and availability of writing services to new members. I've been proudly mentoring several members, and the number has increased. I am pleased more members are reaching out to me for assistance. Despite not maintaining the daily engagement through National Calendar events, I have been working on some engagement ideas for upcoming NaNoWriMo. It's still early. I'll give it time.

[Fourth Month Blog Entry]

Then, I brought up my progress for judging writing competitions within my 5th month anniversary blog post. I didn't mention much, but I was pleased to see what I have done thus far.

[Fifth Month Blog Entry]

Now, here's my 6th edition of updating you guys on my journey. I have a special project that I would like to introduce. It's called, "Project COMM". "Communicative Community Committing to Communality." Well, that's the motto. It subliminally stands for, "Community of Miscommunicating Mentors." No, I am kidding, but that concept does inspire the reason for pushing this project forward. Whether you want to say, "Community of Marvelous Mentors," "Collaboration of Mixed Messages," or even "Commitment Oriented Mentor Meetings," I want to extend this out to the general public.

As a valued member, whether you're staff or a regular dedicated individual within our community, I want you to understand that we appreciate everything you do to engage. As I've always mentioned to new members, "Explore, engage, and excel." I would be a hypocrite if I never pushed a project like this one. Exploration is important, but engagement is imperative for our members to excel in their writing endeavors. If you see a new member, please reach out. Please get involved. Imagine this place as a giant room full of people you already know. Go back to the time when you entered for the first time. It might have been intimidating or overwhelming. It might have been exciting and enthralling. Please make an effort to rekindle these warm feelings back to our new members as soon as you're comfortable here.

Your efforts will be acknowledged by fellow members and staff. Almost like the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), we can certainly treat everyone with respect and have all members engaged within the classroom.

Tomorrow is a new day for a better community."

I am looking forward to the future of WF. "Comm' join me."

New Writers' Mentor

Six months, and counting.


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