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I've Started Smoking Again

Yes, it is a disgusting habit, it's terrible for your health, and here in Canada, it's very, very expensive. A regular pack cost me $13 and I plan to make it last for at least a couple of month. To be fair, I'm not smoking a lot, only a few a week; my body is so unused to nicotine that I still get rushes from it. The lungs can recover from some damage if given ample time and hey, what's the point of not using your body to it's limits?

It started in culinary where you could take a few breaks over the shift to go out to smoke. Nowadays, it's an excuse to go out at the odd hour. Oddly enough, though, today, I realized that it's like a grown man blankie that used be a lot more acceptable. It's a crutch, and a cancerous one at that.

I'm a social miscreant in different ways between two cultures, so there's something so appealing about doing something so terribly unproductive and detrimental.

Still, I can't afford to make this into a habit, so I'm going to make it public. I'm smoking again. I will and must stop completely at some point to ensure my health and finances remain in order. Somehow, I will have to reconcile or better deal with my failings to apply to either culture in a better way. I suspect it will take a pack or two to get there.


I respect you immensely for admitting it openly, and a lot wouldn't dare "confess" such a thing. I wish you all the best Guy. I've always felt like it's not a problem as long as you have the habit, but the habit doesn't have you. :)
That feeling of one more ciggy never seems to disapate...maybe if you can keep it to the odd one it may be the best way to go...I only smoke when I'm in one and it helps me...moderation dude...

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