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I've never been so happy

I was on facebook and somebody wrote this on their page...after the envy I realised I know I'm not happy in myself and I wrote a poem to my daughter then sent it...happiness has to be found for some or at least keep trying till the end.



to lose the love of a child
is a hardest thing of all
dark days have passed
spread so much misery
in life I have to face
the mess I have made
but days pass into years
and one thing always remains
the love for the child you lost

I can say that I to can use these words..I've never been so happy............when your down and out and you can't face life, wrote a suicide poem..exhausted,tired in despair..well if I had have done it I would never have known what being happy beyond belief feels like...one last chance,one more throw of the dice...I survived and it feels great.

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