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Itsa worry...

" itsa " was deliberate.
Okay'okay already.

Anyway, look!

We all have lapses with memory yes?
I mean how many of us have gone upstairs to do something and then forget why they went ?
Been there done that eh?
But this is something else.

By the way this starting a new line for every new sentence is a habit that developed in another place.


Whenever I go to the kitchen, or pass through it even, I'll get halfway through the living room and then turn back to make sure that the fridge door is shut.

I've just done it and I hadn't even been to the fridge.

Okay, once, a long time ago, I left the fridge door ajar, hadn't shut it properly.

And now it's an obsession. But why?

Is there a shrink in the house?

It is ​a worry.


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