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It's Not About You, Princess

Does the way something is done even matter anymore? Are we all so focused on results that the dirty details are so distasteful that we leave it to others?

The current momentum in modern politics does support this sad trend. If you can temporarily forget "your guy" is in charge, does it bode well for democracy when decisions that affect us all are decided by Executive fiat? The U.S. Presidency has become Imperial in nature. Congress is only consulted when it's politically expedient, and blamed for being 'obstructionist' by simply wanting to debate. Yes, this happened under Bush '43. And Clinton, Bush '41... But it's getting worse.

Last week, Obama's Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta unilaterally decided to overturn the Defense Department's policy banning women from combat duty. I'm not going to rip apart the folly of that decision now. The fact is, decisions like Panetta's eventually impact every citizen. These technocrats KNOW what is best for us, as individuals and as a nation. I thought I grew up in a representative democracy where policy is discussed and debated before it is foisted upon us. Somewhere, we went off course.

I don't fully blame Panetta nor Obama. "The fault lies not within our stars, but within ourselves". Panetta and the DOD was being sued by a group of "career" military women. They felt "discrimination" because their careers were negatively impacted without access to combat experience. Panetta did the only rational thing that a plutocratic weenie knows, he caved in. I mean, conflict is hard, right? And this is The Department of Defense! No fighting, please.

And these "career officers"? Zero sympathy here. Is that second or third star on your lapel worth the permanent and irreconcilable damage that will occur? Every perceived slight is a 'civil rights' issue on par with Rosa Parks and MLK Jr. I ain't buying it. Opportunistic lawyers find injustice everywhere. If these women loved their country as much as themselves, they wouldn't have fought behind the cover of some two-bit crooks in suits. Change can be made from within, in a rational, orderly manner. It's better for all involved. But that pre-supposes that you actually care about others. Your country. And the democratic process.

But back to the spineless, reactionary politicians. De Tocqueville was right. If Fifty One percent of the public think something is a good idea, why shouldn't some appointed hack just mandate it?

I'm just glad we had a chance to discuss it. After the fact.


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