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It's April, and Spring and COVID abounds.......

So from the depths of social distancing, and isolation I write from my window of laptop screen. I am alone in my apartment and have been for weeks now. I know I haven't been on the forums, and it would seem little excuse for being absent, but my attention has been elsewhere and my inspiration has been about nill for words and poetry. I have finally seen the other side of my recovery from eye surgery, thank God. My eyes no longer bother me like they did, and I am able to pretty much see and spend a good part of the day on my laptop without problem. I count my blessings. So I am able to get back into my computer routines for the most part. I am the maintainer of my local poetry chapter's website here in my area and it being National poetry month in the States I have been busy building and maintaining that website. It is not nearly the scope of this wonderous site by far, but a miniscule representation of a solitary poetic chapter that I am trying to get going here in my area, and the website is a vehicle to gain attention for local gatherings. There is a page there for submitting poems for Poem-A-Day and I have been busy formating submitted poems, and that with my other activities of artwork, studies and of course, let's not forget important Netflix shows, I have been quite busy. LOL

For whatever reasons, I haven't been inspired to write. I have been involved with trying to help a friend with his psychological issues and it has been stressful and I have been anxious and not getting enough sleep. Not enough sleep for me means I can't think and that means no creativity as far as writing, for who can be creative with writing if one can not think? Artwork does not require much thought, that goes on intuition, but poetry and words, that is a different matter entirely. On top of all that it has been Passover and one must observe and attend to certain rituals and ceremonies as well for those observances too. My seders were nice, and my spiritual observances keep my spirit and mind sane. A balance of all things, yes?

My personal blog site had been suffering as well, and I just last night finally got a chance to update that and did another entry today, so I am feeling like maybe I can get into a routine of normalcy and get back into my writing. I have also decided perhaps I am more of a writer than a poet, as I had always imagined myself the poet and not so much a writer. But I love long diatribes and it seems my poetry is over-long and over-descriptive. Perhaps I have my calling backwards. Hummmm Well, topic for another evening.

I have done yet another re-write of my poem for the ekphrastic poem I wrote for my painting/decopage art piece and I'll see how it stands up in the forums. I'm not sure how well the art work will be received by my friends in my writer's group. I'm not an accomplished artist, new to this art form, but, nothing tried, nothing gained, right? What's the worst that can happen is that they say they don't like it and the piece (which I happen to love) ends up on my wall (which it was anyway) and I love it forever (yeah!). Great art is in the eye of the beholder, right? I think Picasso probably came up with that one.

Well, I hope this finds all my friends here well, healthy and happy. I'm well, healthy and relatively happy and very happy to be back in the forums. Good night all...


For your "writer's block" try this:

1. Put two strange images into opposition with a verb between them. Be surreal, pull them out of the air. Don't think about them at all at this first initiation of the union of the words.

2. Then begin to write short simple sentences about what falls between the opposition. What they both may mean to you personally in this union of the two words. Just write about ten lines using imagery without worrying about it.

3. When you have the ten lines finished: put them into an ascending or descending order that you feel you find within them.

4. Now that's your rough draft for a surreal poem. Feel free at this point to write between the lines or add more to the lines or changes any words you wish with in the lines.

The important thing to do: is write this as fast as you can, so that the images are coming off the top of your head with as little logic as possible. Logic is the blocker. Get sensitive to the two words you have picked. Start right now!





There are no accidents or coincidences when living in the moment.

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