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It's a quarter after one ...

It's a quarter after something, depending on your time zone. I've been doing a storm of writing but for my class in creative writing and not for here. It's just not suitable. So far I have:
  • An introduction: This is supposed to be fresh and so I started with a recipe for kluski and milk and talked about how I hate Windows 10.
  • A take on "write what you know": in which I basically said it wasn't literal and that understanding and empathy informed our creation of characters. We also had to respond to two others' efforts.
  • A character portrayal: This will be workshopped as part of the class, so sharing it here won't accomplish anything.
  • A response to a reading: not particularly interesting unless you've read the text. Also, two responses.
About the character portrayal--there is feedback awaiting me. I got a 92 on my draft. But I can't access the feedback. I thought it was an issue with the system, so I reported it. It turns out that there's a release date for feedback and it hasn't occurred yet. Without feedback, I can't work on revising it. The original wasn't due till the end of Tuesday, but I'd rather be ahead than behind.

I'm also coding for a different class. For those who've never programmed, it's kinda tough to describe. A program is a recipe the computer follows to turn input into output in the same way you turn ingredients into dinner. The code for last week turned a data file of names and test scores into output on the screen of names and grades.

The input came from a file that looked looked like (but was longer):

Johnson 85 83 77 91 76
Aniston 80 90 95 93 48
Cooper 78 81 11 90 73

and the output was just the name and the average of the scores.

I'll keep my recipe secret though. ;)


you input information to give you scores and use the programme over cognitive reasoning as an act of judgement....
It's C++. It's an intermediate class but it's intended to teach me structs and stuff that I didn't learn because I went from Java to data structures in C++ with no C++ background. I already have credit for this course# in Java so ...
i think you might like the lyrics in this song..ha,ha.....


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