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It's a 'Hub!' It's a 'Lens!' No, it's an online article...

Hello, crowd! Erm... I mean: Hello, lonely visitor. You've stumbled upon my most recent update in my "writer's quest." That is, my quest to be a paid and published writer. I've been diligently plugging away--reading, writing, searching the web for places to post my work, have it seen, and possibly generate some revenue off ads.

This search, a while back (about 3 weeks ago), resulted in me joining a site called HubPages. This website lets a user post articles online, where they can generate revenue based on "sales originating from that page" or "clicks" or "impressions" or some drivel like that. In simple-speak this means that for every person that visits my page I get some small compensation, and for every person that clicks on the Amazon.com advertisement that pops up next to my article and buys something, I earn a small percent of the profit (supposedly.)

At first I didn't have anything to post, but after completing my essay on healthy living in college, I've converted it into a "Hub." That's what the website calls their articles--Hubs. It sounds a little ridiculous, but then I found Squidoo. The mascot is a... well, it's meant to be a squid, but it comes off as a monster. That website, essentially the same thing as HubPages, calls the user-generated articles "Lenses"... like a camera. (It means to say the article "focuses you on one topic.") Anyway, now my essay is a Hub and a Lens and has a small potential to generate some change.

But! Now I am obligated to make MORE Hubs and Lenses, as the revenue generated will be in proportion to the viewers I attract, and more content will draw more viewers. I have to push this as far as it can go to see if I am qualified.

So~! My next goal is to write another article. If you pay attention on the WF you will surely see this piece in the near future.

They're both the same, but they have different layouts:
Here is a link to the HubPages article: A Healthy Life And A Scholarly Mind
And here is a link to the Squidoo article: The Importance Of Health In College

The Squidoo article even has two pictures of me, in case you want to stalk :)


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