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introducing myself.

My friend Waste. carelessly let slip of the existence of this site, I can only apologise to Waste. as goodness knows they weren't aware I'd join in too.
I have a lot to say, as do most people, I'll try to keep it as painless as possible, I'll avoid whining, berating - lecturing and all the other bad habits that it is all to easy to fall into with a blog. you will in short only see the best of me. (or at least thats the plan).

so at the present time I am 17 a penniless student and a very happy one at that; though I would rather prefer a more convenient timetable - see whining already...

I rather hope that at some point I write something you like, I can claim perseverance as a virtue of my character so if I don't it won't be from lack of trying, I think I shall try to make a contribution at least every other week.

I have no fear of criticism, - in fact I take it as a compliment that you have taken the time to read probably random entries I produce.


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