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Hello & welcome to this blog. Not even sure if a blog is better than a forum for this, but here goes!

This genre is hard to put into a single box, as the skills needed in compelling writing that communicates well are needed in a variety of job descriptions. While there are Proposal Writers out there, in my case as a Sales Engineer I am expected to bring that skill to the table. So if you find yourself routinely doing any of the following (incomplete list), you are still a writer, but just not a Documentary or Sci-Fi one:

  • Sales or Business Proposals
  • Pamphlets, Handouts, or any 'Light' Reading Materials
  • Articles for Magazines or Periodicals
  • Documenting Events
  • White Papers
  • Marketing Materials
  • Advertising Pieces
  • Detailed descriptions of Business Initiatives (internal pitches)
  • Anything use to sell something to someone, or compel them to agree with your ideas
  • Job descriptions
  • Consultative "Deliverables"
  • Assessments or Evaluations
  • Reviews of Processes or Systems, as well as Suggested Actions
  • etc.

But this skill/career also involves another form of communication, Multi-media:

  • Technical Diagrams
  • Flow Charts
  • Illustrations of the above list
  • Animations that Explain
  • Interactive Demonstrations
  • Trade Show Presentations and Animations
  • Video & Audio Creation and Editing
  • etc.

And then there are those roles/tasks/jobs that utilize the two lists above:

  • Software or Hardware Demonstrator
  • Hosting Business/Demo Webinars
  • RFx Responses
  • etc.

What I'm NOT talking about (though we all concede there is money to be made):

  • Mass Mailings
  • Junk Mail
  • Con Jobs, Deceptive Writing, Fleecing Seniors
  • Certainly anything illegal
  • etc.

These lists aren't meant to be exhaustive, but I'm sure you can think of more than a few I've missed.

Just like (I assume) the fiction and non-fiction writing genres, there are right & wrong ways to communicate in a compelling fashion. It is part accuracy, part technical, part psychological, and yes, part good writing! :smile: While I have never published a book the public can buy, there are hundreds to thousands of examples of my writing in the public eye-it is simply unattributed. Internally, I have written dozens of books about specific technical and business topics in my career(s) in the military, casinos/gaming, and the larger corporate/business world.

I'm the author of thousands of compelling presentations, in every format you can imagine-even in programming languages, and these have made people (including me) a lot of money. Well, I don't make a lot of money, but I have provided for my family consistently for well over 20 years doing it. I am usually given an insanely short amount of time to bang out something that will be critiqued by dozens, and usually edited without my knowledge or my seeing the 'final' deliverable(s).

You see? This kind of writing even has it's own weird vocabulary, like "deliverables". What respectable creative writer uses that word?! :smile: But I'd like to show that we "________ writers" (still can't find a good word for the above described genre) are legitimate, and there is value in the kind of writing we do. We break things that are extremely complicated down into understandable chunks. I've even been called a "Simplifier"...

After all this, I am still not a 'published' writer! I am humbled by the way creative writers approach & complete their work. Now it is true that I have been trying to change that dismal fact lately, but even if I fail, my writing skills will still pay the bills.

So I look forward to you sharing your story, and hopefully we can answer questions those unfamiliar with this career aspect may have, and share our anecdotes, career advice, and even examples of how its done right, and how its done wrong. :smile:

Thank you!


I completely understand your sentiments exactly. I also have made a good living convincing people that it is in their best interests to do business with me. I understand the power of tone, and empathy in the written word, so that my reader knows I can identify with them and their needs. It is in many ways a power to manipulate someone by making them feel more comfortable. It is a science, it is a skill that any good communicator can pull off. I do envy anyone that can do it to the masses verses being able to do it on a individual bases
Plasticweld;bt5795 said:
I do envy anyone that can do it to the masses verses being able to do it on a individual bases

Thanks for the response.

I doubt what I do qualifies for the writing here on WF... There isn't a section for it, and maybe no good description or definition can be made.

I find it easier to write things like pamphlets, speeches, award inscriptions, eulogies, and the like because of my professional writing. Everybody comes to me, and I write off the top of my head and give it back. Maybe because the task is small & confined, instead of so big and unlimited?

That is another aspect of my writing professionally that probably never, ever happens to the real writers here: I absolutely hate going back & editing my work. It is a waste of my time, and who am I to read the mind of the person with the "OK" vote?

I detach my ego from my worthless writing, and have no interest in seeing it again. If someone doesn't like it, let them change it-hell, let them take credit for it. No ego here. But if you make me cower over it, hour after hour, straining on every word, who can take that kind of stress? And for a large work?!?!

So this is why you see in my blog I have adopted a partitioned, divided approach that breaks the huge job into a series of much smaller ones. Will they stay apart? Will they be combined down the road? I don't know...

But I am trying to wrestle with the ego of owning it... I have nobody to hand it to for polishing and perfecting. I'm stuck with my own inadequate writing... I don't think the amazing, real writers hear have any trouble with that... So for this reason I see myself as a new writer.

Thanks again for writing!
We are very similar in our writing and how we judge how effective it is. Daily I reply to emails with requests for pricing and information. In a short email I have to convince someone that I am knowledgeable, have the skills to pull off what they are seeking, and be both fair in price and give them a dollars worth of service or product for a dollar. I do what I consider the ultimate task of a writer, that is the ability to separate the reader from his money. I get tested with each new note, I sell myself, sell what I do. I fail or succeed many times in the course of the day and in the end, while I have limited skills as a writer have managed to make a good living in the process with my skills in communication. I not only have to have the flowery words that make it happen, I have to have the means to back up my promises both real and imagined; that not only tests the writer but the man.

There are many gifted writers here who can create a whole universe and cast of characters, but not have the ability to pay for a steak dinner with their skills at the end of the day. While I may envy them for the skills they possess, I would not trade the results of my humble attempts either.

Your dislike for editing reminded me of a story I wrote here a few years ago... just a hunch, but something tells me that it will resonate with you

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is always the first step in any relationship to start by extending a hand and revealing part of yourself. That act allows the other to return in kind. While you may wonder at how effective your blog is?
It is a shining example of smiling at a stranger and them smiling back...tell me if there is not a more basic desire in communication than to achieve just that :} Bob

P.S I wanted to welcome you to being part of staff, not with just a quick hello and welcome, but make an effort to get to know who you were by reading your blog... In the spirit of the WF with all sincerity welcome to the dark side.

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