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Inspiration today...

So I am plowing my way through the last few chapters of my first draft this morning and I have completed my entry for this month's COF challenge. All thanks to the fantastic beats of 90's dance music. It reminds me of a simpler time when I was a school and I would spend three hours dancing to it every Friday and Tuesday night. I am sat her at my laptop typing and bouncing. I miss how dance-able and singable music used to be compared to now. So catchy and funky.

How is your writing coming along and what has got your inspiration flowing recently?


It's going well thanks Hannah. And I'm completely with you on 90s beats. A golden age of music if there ever was one.

I don't know how but luckily my WIP doesn't need too much outside inspiration, but now and again something comes along that gives it, and me, a little pep. The latest thing? The trailer for "Smurfs: Lost Village". Yes, I'm a grown man inspired by a film about smurfs. The forest, the creatures, all just so colourful and ... oh, iridescent and magic.
I keep getting told that I am an adult now but I keep finding myself enjoying all the kid films, the animated ones are amazing recently. :) I get the inspiration in my mind but I seem to write better when I have music playing rather than the TV. I am happy that your writing is going well bdcharles, good luck with it and one day I may get to read some. :)
^ Hannah, if you, ahem, shameless plug, venture to the Sci-fi/Fantasy/Myth section of the prose writing subforum, you can read chapter one right now :)
I'm with you on 90's music, but I'm talking about blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World. Early 2000's stuff is good too. There's some contemporary stuff I listen to though too; Dance Gavin Dance for example is killer.

Music helps me write as well, but usually because it helps me zone out. Or sometimes ambient soundtracks playing in the background.

Recently finished reading The Rommel Papers which has inspired my to write a series of blogs / pseudo-articles, such as what makes a leader great. As far as fiction, been reading H.P. Lovecraft's complete works and I often find myself blown away. Will probably write a blog about this as well. Was even a spooky moment when the power flickered for a second when I was reading.

Probably going to go back and edit / revise a recent short-story of mine, and start seriously looking into submitting work to magazines and journals.

And in the meantime, working on my novella No Man's Land. Still slaving away at it. Slowly but surely figuring things out.

Haven't been writing any poetry lately, but I'm sure it'll come back around sometime. Always does. Could be because I'm figuratively incorporating it into my prose.


bdcharles- I will have a look at this tonight and let you know any thoughts I may have. :)

Smith- I like those bands to but today I was listening to all the club classics: Cascada, savage garden, hip-hop artists, all the things that get you up on your feet and bouncing in a club.
H.P Lovecraft can be interesting to read I am not a massive fan myself but I can see the appeal at the same time. Sounds like you are keeping yourself very busy on the writing front it makes me feel like I should have more writing projects on-going but I think I will stick to m novel and entering/judging the challenges on here. :p I don't write much poetry I really need to start learning it though as it features in my novel in specific places but I still find it very hard to write anything in poem form. In university I shied away from poetry modules because I was uncertain of the terminology ect... but now looking back I wish that I had studied it more as then I might be able to understand how to write it. Hahaha I suppose it will back to the books before I write my second draft so that I can learn what I need to. Plus I loved reading all the different types of fiction when I was in uni and those modules always appealed more to me alongside the creative writing ones.

I have another positive for today, I have spoken to someone about a new job- Shift team manager position- in a bigger soft play area which I think I did very well on he telephone interview and talking via email, I have to meet the owners in person next Wednesday to find out if I have the job, so fingers crossed as it is pretty much the same as what I am doing in my current role however I get paid an extra pound an hour to do it, with the same amount of travel time to get to the job. So send me some good vibes until after Wednesday guys. :)
Music can have such a positive thing going on...Often all life's experiences good an bad usually have a song attached to them..So wave your light sticks an blow your whistle whenever the music grabs you....
Let's have a rave. :)

True words Esc, music is amazing, too bad I'm not very good in that department.

I wonder if two writers can be said to have been properly introduced until they've read each others writing? It feels a little like peeking into the soul :)

I'll look for your writing, H (what does H stand for??? Hell?)

My most recent inspiration came from reading a wiki article on Assam Tea. It grows in a monsoon-touched part of India by the Brahmaputra River. The landrace of this particular tea leaf is used as an alternative to the much more expensive Ceylon Tea leaves in order to make Thai tea. This earthy piece of information seemed to add an expansiveness and texture to the world that I previously didn't have and, so inspired, sought to replicate that in my own little world. I hope this inspires you, too, and go have some Thai tea.

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