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(Insert Catchy Blog Title Here)... and some vulgarity follows

Mega rant: I'm feeling angry, sad, sardonic and fearful.

Does a fish know it's wet? Does the fish realize it's filtering it's own waste, and all of the other fish's waste through it's gills? Of course not. It's just a fish.
Does the average person realize the crap that they "swim" through? No. And if they do get a whiff, they just know it's the other fish's effluent, not their own.

I'm (almost) speechless regarding this new Vivendi / Universal release about hunting people. As writers, we know of countless similar plot lines. Some were popular despite their morally debatable sub plots (like kids killing kids). But we shrug and move on. It's fiction. There are no Districts, no Capital, and no Panem. Well, not yet. Keep it up, people.
I am 100% consistent on my support for free speech. I also can't stand ideological cowardly hypocrites. The original title of this little gem was Red State Vs. Blue State. This movie is cathartic gutter trash glorifying the murder of "deplorables" by rich, educated elites.
You might ask yourself how something as disgusting as this slips past a studio's internal filters and public relations. You know the answer: They see nothing wrong with it.

Now might be a good time to review a concept called The Overton Window (not the hackneyed book by Glen Beck). Violence and threats ARE okay... IF they are directed at the right people.
It's 2019. Do you know where your values are?

Yesterday, a mob showed-up outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel's house. The 70-something year old guy had just broken his arm. The mob shouted "Stab him!" and "Die!".
I am old fashioned, but I try to run stuff like that passed my "Would I say that to my Grandpa?" filter. Or any human being. Lemme see... Nope.

Senator Rand Paul was in the news again. He had to have a section of lung removed after complications from a brutal attack last year. Rep. Illhan Omar mocked him. Funny.

Representative Steve Scalise still walks with a limp. Probably will for the rest of his life, after being attacked by a Bernie Bro. I wonder if the Four Freshmen in congress call him Gimpy. Ha ha.

All last week we heard about the El Paso shooter's "right wing manifesto", yet I betcha most of y'all know nothing about the Dayton shooter's "leanings". The fact that he was a Satanist, ATIFA supporter that liked the policies of Bernie and Liz Warren? Ironically, he even espoused an affinity for gun control. Because only the correct people should be so allowed.
I'm listening REAL close for the calls of The Left and The Media to make Bernie and Liz apologize for the Dayton shooter. Or at least distance themselves. *Chirp, chrirp*

So here is where the brainwashed sheeple insert their moral relevance argument.
"Well, Gabby Giffords had targets put on her face by Sarah Pailin!" Nope, didn't happen. Matter of fact, Palin is suing the New York Times for that libel.
Maybe you wanna bring up the crazy loner that lived in his van in Florida, who mailed out a bunch of inert bombs?
Or, go all the way back to Tim McVeigh. It's a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Because we can play this silly ass game all day long. I mention one kook on your side, you mention one on my side. But I'm not playing. That's what the media and swamp-critters want. They want us at each others throats. It kinda looks like they got their wish last week, doesn't it?

And let's get this straight: WORDS ARE NOT VIOLENCE! Were you triggered by that? Too damn bad. Grow up and learn to be a rational citizen. You DO NOT get to assault and threaten people because of what they said, or you think the said. Words are powerful, but it takes stupid people to create violence. Lashing out at others that you believe misused their words simply makes you a narcissistic, petulant child. An adult corrects, with logic and firmness. NOT by emulating those that you dislike.

Rational discourse is gone. Just, poof! Go ahead and blame Trump, if it makes you feel better. Blame anyone 1 degree right-of-center, because now they can be labeled "Fascist". Making your opponent The Other simplifies things. An anti-fascist uses violent fascist tactics to attack the speech of someone that they think is fascist. Parse that one out, and get back to me.

I am really scared. We're on track for a mob-rule where each party elects an Emperor every four years. Bread and Circuses. Welcome to the Colosseum. Blood sport every night, and twice on Sundays.

Stick your head in the sand, and hope that you get your person coronated in 2020. Because that will make everything better... not. The die is set. This is the new normal. Screams, threats, boycotts, intimidation... I hear that the average life expectancy in the US is actually dropping, some say due to increased suicide rates. I would guess stress-related aliments as well.

So, if you have a solution, present it. Promote it. Be a champion for it. And be respectful to those you don't agree with.
If you don't have a solution, shut your pie hole. Screaming at people you don't agree with solves nothing. It simply emboldens crazier people than you to act out violently. But it makes you feel better about yourself, and that's what matters.

For what it's worth, I own pretty much every weapon that was used by these nut-jobs recently, including a machette. I know some of you reading this do as well. I choose to use words to solve conflict. I will use them pointedly, firmly, and of course. non-violently. Because words, in and of themselves, are not and cannot be violent. It takes a mentally defective moron with child-like maturity to attempt (and fail) to weaponize words.
But if it makes you feel better, go right ahead. Rant about this nebulous "hate" that you embrace whist condemning. It's still a free country. For a few more years maybe.

UPDATE: As you can see, NBC / Universal has 'temporarily" backtracked and stopped marketing their left-wing, inflammatory violence inciting promotion. But you can bet your sweet tushie that they will be back.
Ya ever read the "Frog and The Scorpion" parable? It's in their nature.
And Facebook re-instated Mitch McConnel's account. Was victim-shaming a step too far? Only the US oligarchs know.


Free at last,free at last...God Almighty free at last....will you ever get to shout that in your lifetime...
escorial;bt14573 said:
Free at last,free at last...God Almighty free at last....will you ever get to shout that in your lifetime...

Freedom is a process, a mindset and a lifestyle. It is not a place you get to and kick-back. It is work. Never-ending labor. But it's worth it.

esc, I like your little one-line drive-bys. Many are quite insightful.

As an individual, everyone has basic rights and responsibilities. The current political trend is a vain attempt to try to divorce the two. Everyone now has every "right" imaginable, from paid vacation to free cell phones. And someone else pays for it. In the US, citizens have access to good quality higher education. But no one has the individual responsibility to pay for it. Our citizens are lied to and told that it is the responsibility of their parents, rich people or the government to pay for an individual benefit that they receive. Same goes for all consumer debt. In Canada, a bunch of Chase customers just had all their credit debt forgiven. Today, if you are moral, and pay the bills you owe, you are a sucker.
Society is sick. It is being made sicker by opportunistic scumbag politicians that play off of people's worst vices, fear and greed.

So for me, esc, Freedom is an individual "thing". Mob rights only lead to tyranny and oppression. If I end up the last honest, virtuous citizen, so be it.
But, feel free to join me. I'd like that.
I can't throw stones...you remember this little gem I wrote

I don't see the divide ending in anything but bad. I view liberals as those who hate anything good any only seek to destroy. Hypocrisy, deception and mis information the key to them promoting their twisted agenda. How do you deal with someone who claims to be intelligent, yet has no knowledge of history, a complete lack of common sense and any sense of morality.

The good news is that I am far better armed, far better trained and willing to suffer far more discomfort to stand by my beliefs.

Good essay.
Can you change people's attitudes, more importantly their hearts, their very souls? Can you change human nature? That's basically what Jesus was trying to do, but man, even Christians, have failed him. Don't assume that all liberals are evil any more than all conservatives are evil. These are horrible fallacies that are ruining the very fabric of human existence - and not just this country, but worldwide. Many may not agree with this, but if we all continue on this path ,we are doomed. My God forgive us all.

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