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Innocent actions and their unforeseen consequences.

How is my day going you ask? Wonderful, I say. Have you ever heard the saying that if you forget something when you leave the house that it's bad luck to turn around and go back for it? Well I'd never heard it until today when it was too late. We turned around for a lousy invoice that we probably could've gotten away with turning in tomorrow. But no, we just had to turn around. We were only a minute from the house, after all.

Anyways, we safely retrieved the paper and headed on our way to work. My husband and I clean vacation rentals and we only had one today, so we were taking our time this morning.

Naturally, my husband was driving closer to 50 in a 40 speed limit area in the left lane on a three lane road. Up ahead, was an RV pulling a car behind it, who was drifting from the right to the middle lane. Unbeknownst to us, this man planned to make a U-turn from the middle lane and didn't happen to register our existence in the left lane.

And so, by the time we realized what was happening and slammed the breaks, it was too late. We stopped in time, but he didn't and we were, unfortunately, inside his turning radius. We honked and honked and honked some more, but he didn't stop. He hit us, pushing us into the curb. This was pretty scary for me considering my two year old was in the car with us.

The end result was a tire popped off the rim and a pretty scrunched up front bumper on our beautiful Honda Ridgeline that we've owned for less than three months. My poor husband is devastated. But we are just thanking whoever is up there that we are all safe, especially our little princess.


Cars can be fixed, people...Not so much. Glad everyone is okay. Is it a pain, yes, especially since it was a disaster not of your making, but it could have been so much worse. It's a catch-22 situation, but things like that, even with the damage done, are the moments that have the power to restore one's faith.

My best friend flipped her car, with both the dog and me, in it. No one was hurt, but if Rue had been in the backseat, where he had been on the ride down, he would have been killed. Luckily he got car sick and was in the front seat with me. Since then, he has alerted on three separate occasions, when I've had major issues with my heart. Because he alerted so early, they were able to treat the issues before they became critical, including the major clot that should have ruptured my aorta.

The world works in strange ways, chaos theory and the butterfly effect, perfectly demonstrated. Hug your loved ones, breathe deep, and keep going.

- D. the T. of P.B.
You're so right, Darkkin. We are so lucky that we're not hurt and the same for the people in the RV. Thank goodness you and your dog were okay, it sounds like he's a life saver for you!

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