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In the House of Praying Mantis


In this place of power and contradictions
I walk uphill.
The way is rocky, steep
wind pushing from all directions.
I am careful where I place my feet.

Around me
insects buzz in secret conversation
not meant for human ears
and like the child, unnoticed
beneath her parent's table
I struggle to catch words
beyond my understanding.

Their sudden silence, a hole in the air
as if they know I am listening
and have slammed shut the lid
on a mason jar
trapping me inside.

In this place where she mated
beheaded and consumed you
in prayerful pose
I am friend, foe
and food.

Image by carolalves from Pixabay


powerful imagery- I like this new style of yours there is a rawness an darkness to it. master at soft rhymes now a master in the world of the tumble and stone


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