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In The City

(apologies to Joe Walsh for that title)

I worked in Seattle for almost 10 years. Never hung out there much, usually just work then straight home. But there is a lot to do there.
Every few years my little family spends a couple of days in the city, usually with a baseball game as the focal event. We rent a room, dine and wander around like the rubes that we are.

My San Francisco Giants split two games with the Seattle Mariners. We were decked-out in our Giants gear, and quite a few Mariner fans were whiny about the large number of SF fans. At one point, I got kinda sick of hearing it for the gazillionth time:
"All these Giants fans fly up here...stay with family...where do they all come from?"
At one point I interrupted the lady walking next to me.
"Not 'all' the Giants fans. I've lived here for 18 years."
She got a little defensive. But, as I have lived in Western Washington now for nearly two decades, I'm used to the whole passive-aggressive "nice" vibe here. But most of the Mariner fans were friendly, and showed a love for the game.

One exception was an unfortunate stereotypical Eastern Washington family sitting in front of us during the second game. I don't like generalizing, but they were the coarse cretins that give us refined cretins a bad name. These folks were inattentive to their kids during the game, impatient and generally not enjoying themselves. At one point, I went and bought a bowl of delicious Won Ton soup (yes, you can get things like that at the park now). This lady looks back at me, "Oh, that's soup? My daughter thought you were eating seaweed."
Whatever. I still stood up and cheered, nearly piercing her back with my chopsticks. It's the 21st Century. Deal with it.

There was a mobile pet adoption van in Pioneer Square. It moved, and we chased it down later to Lakewood Center. My wife REALLY wanted a new cat. We eventually got a new feline back home a couple of days ago. Think Globally, Cat Locally?

Yes, the dining was great. I live on "The (Kitsap) Peninsula", a commuter community where the collars are blue, and the food is meh. Our first stop in Seattle was Pike's Market, where my wife and I split a beef and onion pirogue. Later, it was a Cuban restaurant in SODO, where I had a Cubano sandwich. Dinner at the park was a half-pound hotdog. And a few grapes, just to stave off scurvy.

We stayed at a 100 year old flat above one of the oldest bars in Seattle. From our patio, we could see the iconic Smith Tower, and just behind it the tallest building in the city (The Columbia Tower). The juxtaposition throughout the city was intriguing. Old and new, brick and glass, history and innovation.
We stayed up late after the first game. The kids played Cards Against Humanity while us old folks chilled on Netflix.

So, we got up late (although the jerks using the leaf blowers in Pioneer Square woke me early). My daughter wanted to check-out The Museum of Modern Art, but we were short on time. We went to breakfast at this hipster joint called "Biscuit Bitch". Again, good grub but I think I needed an oil change by the time we left town (that's why I had the soup the second day).

I have to mention the bums ('scuse me, 'homeless'). The Seattle city council, and the county geniuses have totally dropped the ball. In baseball, we call this an error. In human terms, it's f-ed. The government keeps getting more money, wasting it, and not fixing the homeless problem. I used to hang out in Tijuana, so I have a pretty thick skin. Still, it kills me to see so many folks suffering needlessly. They just need to fix it.
And no, the bleach sprayed in the alley covering the bum urine is not a fix.

Still, I like our trips to Seattle. The Good, Bad and Ugly.
A nice place to visit.


Thank you, I learned alot about Seattle
from your report. I hope to visit there
next year. Bleached sprayed alleys, not
the environmentally conscious choice I
would have thought from Seattle, lavender
would have been my guess, we’ll see what
sort of mutant rats and roaches this

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