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In my hometown, in my hometown,,,, so sang the boss.

Not wanting to open a 2ltr bollie, but still fancying a jar or two, I took a walk up to my local "Premier stores", I haven't walked in that direction for years, don't know why, I just haven't.
As walked I remembered how years ago, a certain house along the main road into town had stood empty, had been falling into disrepair and how I had often wondered why? Well, it's still there, and it's almost swallowed up by rampant ivy. There's quite a big backyard and must have once been a desirable property, quite valuable, and now, it's a mess, workmen are in there emptying it, and the garden is being cleared, rumour has it that it'll be demolished and make way for flats, isn't THAT a surprise? Why oh why? Somebody MUST'VE owned it, once.
And so to Premier stores, and another gripe;
I think I've expressed certain views on these cheap-booze shops that are springing up everywhere, yes I know times are hard but,,,,,,,,,,, I walked into the store looking for cans of cider, no chance of my much loved Taurus, that's an ALDI product, I peruse the booze, and it appeared that I had two options, a popular brand with around 5% vol. content for £1.38 per can or a much cheaper can that seemed a bit bigger actually, not so much that you'd count that a consideration, for £1 a can and it was 7.5% vol. So the head-banger is by far more affordable, needless to say I went for the head-banger, it'll last me longer and tomorrow my head's gonna hurt, hey'ho.:icon_shaking2:
But seriously, how wrong is that? I stumped up four quid and headed for home at a leisurely pace.
As I strolled, I was shocked, and disappointed, and because I hadn't been along that road for so long the changes seemed so stark, IS a national institution right now, not exclusive to where I live, but there is only one major employer in the town, it is not massive, and we are by no means a small backwater settlement.
I saw two other privately owned houses with windows boarded up, boards that were green with age and like many people it would seem, barely holding on. Wooden posts that had once supported fence panels, cracked and flaking rendering on the fronts of houses, and gates unhinged ( a bit like me really), yet there seemed to be plenty of parked cars, some nice cars, the streets seemed eerily quiet, no children out playing, having said that, an attempt was made to abduct a small child around here some time ago, but thankfully the kid kicked up such a ruckus the attacker scarpered. How bad must it get? How low must we go?
This " Barnstormer Black" seems quite a decent sort, a wolf in sheep's clothing no doubt.


I couldn't face, didn't dare, to open a 2ltr bollie of Taurus, and yet I totally demolished that 4xpack of Barnstormer Black, don't wake me up tomorrow, Just don't, Okay?


Here in Seattle, USA, they're demolishing quaint 1940's and 50's houses and building these hideous multi-level condos. More occupancy per square foot, y'know.
At least the beer here is good.

FYI: Look up James Q. Wilson and his pivotal work re: "Broken Windows". Have a nice nap.
Yeah, I know what you mean, I shouldn't complain, it aint so bad here, we had murder a couple of years ago but that was way out of character, our's is not a bad town really.

Winston, I might just do that.
as always enjoyed dither...the boss read the grapes of wrath and he wanted to sing about the plight of people and places...i read your blog an i want to sing along.."in my hometown"
Not exactly the same level of degeneration going on here as in that track Escorial, it was just the shock of what i was seeing, it was so unexpected.
i enjoyed reading your writing.
How did you feel when you walked there again ? Did you liked it?
Amel, i felt like a stranger, alien almost. It felt quite cold, scary almost, creepy.
it just seemed so sad, such dis-repair, neglect, and dilapidation, in my town.

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