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I'm writing - I swear!

Things have been busy in the realm known as real life, with which I am intrinsically connected.

My Grandmother died. The funeral will be tomorrow, although I have to work tonight and the next. Friday and Saturday are my usual work nights. So I'm writing something at least before I go. This, and something else hopefully.

Of course being busy doesn't stop my mind from endlessly spewing ideas as always, it only hinders my concentration in refining and writing them. The ideas are there. I have more than ever, in fact.

Counting, I have at least five complete ideas, not including the many concepts and dreams, that I could write at least a short story about, if not a series of them or a short book. I only wish I had the energy. But another two days and then I'll have the week off before I work again. I plan on using that time.

I've been shy about using the workshop thus far, but only because I feel nothing so far is even qualified to be critiqued.

I want to at least see what I can do without someone holding my hand. Then go from there. And if that fails then I'll always have another idea.

And of course I want to help anyone else trying hard to write as well.

Thank you to all my friends here. I wish I could be active more often, but I do have projects in the works.


Funerals are always a somber time. I'm sorry for it :( Could be useless for me to say, but I hope that the whole thing isn't too emotionally draining.

Duty calls! I've actually been in a naughty habit of writing while at work. Gotta stop that before I get in trouble =p So I resort to waiting for my break.

I feel you on the critique part. Only have that little four leaf clover story up but I haven't put anything up substantial enough that I would be okay with someone critiquing. >.< When you're ready to take that leap, it will be a good one. You can take what you need from them because in the end the beauty of it, is that it's your story and no one else's.

I'll be looking forward to when you actually decide to share some stuff!!

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