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I'm Not Going To The Theater Ever Again

Jordan Peele's "Us" is crap.


How the hell did it get so much praise? I thought all those superhero movies were bad, but at least they had a coherent story.

"Get Out" wasn't even that good. It was kinda lame in a way as well, but it was a much better attempt. Didn't deserve the praise it got, but it was the directors first movie and a promising step. But I guess that's what you get when you praise crappy work.

There is nothing deep about either of these films. It implies depth, and like G R R Martins Melissandre said, if you stare into the flames long enough you're bound to see something. It's like Donald Glover's This is America. It implies something, but when asked to explain it, the answer is... "There is no answer".

How god-damn profound.

Don't get baited by the hype. I knew this was going to be a bad movie, but I was so bored I went to the movies anyway and, no, I wasn't wrong. I'm not sure why people think all this garbage they put up in the movies is not only good, but great. If you want a great black movie with social commentary, watch Spike Lee's "Malcolm X"- a seriously good film and one of Denzel Washington's monumental performances, but, of course, it didn't win anything because "Training Day" was so much better *eyes-freakin-rolling*.

What's scary to me? People are going to look back on this movie because it is called a "meaningful, monumental achievement" and it's going to be compared to actually good works and they're gonna be like what the hell, this movie is lame as crap. This is what the finest Black films are?

Unbelievable. I really don't understand how things like this make it out the studio. They ought to do some sort of documentary on it. I can't even get into the long list of what I disliked about it except general things like the music choice. It's jarring, but people are praising the score. What? The music doesn't even fit the scene. If it's cultural music sewn into a movie with style, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 did that just fine. That is praiseworthy.

After this, as far as directing goes, Peele is not good. They should have taken the money they used to bribe all the reviewers and re-shot this film with someone else guiding Peele along. No I don't care about the actors playing in it. No I don't care about what it's supposed to be saying. It's crap. Ker-wrap. F. Redo. Lazy.

Let me go to sleep. Wait. Ah great, it's Monday again...


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