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I'm back from nowhere..........

So.... I'm back. It's been rough. My eyes, well enough about that. They are getting better. Slowly. My puppy, who hasn't been doing well passed away last Thursday. I had to put her to sleep. She isn't/wasn't really a "puppy", she was an about 12 year old give or take Chuhuahua with advanced heart disease and I've had her on hospice for months now and finally had to put her to sleep. So it's been a rough weekend. I'm okay and working on this new art/poetic project so that helps, and volunteering because of the whole armagedeon/coronavirus thing. Don't know about how things are where YOU are (wherever that might be) but things here in Florida are kinda crazy. Mostly everything is being cancelled and there isn't toilet paper or Purel anywhere. I was crazy and paid $13 a bottle for 70% alcohol thinking they would actually ship it to me the next day! Idiot that I am! 11 days later it finally arrived. Now it's back in stock at Walmart and I'm out $30! Geeze! Anyway, they still don't have Purel, and I was going to make some, but now the news says making your own won't work so I guess I have a life-time supply of alcohol in my cabinet. Too bad I can't drink it. Would if I could. LOL So, hopefully you will start seeing me back on-line now more frequently. I'm still upside down, not sleeping right, up till 2 a.m. or going to bed at midnight but waking up at 3 a.m., or crying in the middle of the day. It's gonna take some time. I'm isolating for the virus, but I'm a hermit anyway, so that doesn't really bother me. Hope everyone else is doing okay and surviving. The grocery stores are like war rationing with signs up telling you how many of things you can have like eggs and TP. Good gracious! Take care anyone who reads this.


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