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I'm at the point

Where it's like, I want to say stuff and I feel like I have stuff to say but nothing is coming out. I'm in an emotional limbo and I don't quite know how to feel.


Been there; welcome to a world where you're so superior to everyone else that the thought of talking to another person is enough to make you cry.
RhythmOvPain;bt6892 said:
Been there; welcome to a world where you're so superior to everyone else that the thought of talking to another person is enough to make you cry.

back off.

I don't know if you're just making a general statement or if you're directly speaking back to me but back off.

i feel stuck. This is a step for me. It's not about the idea of talking to someone. I just can't find the words to express myself.

so if you have anything else to say that's constructive or supportive, by all means go ahead and say something

otherwise, with all due respect, you can get the fuck out of my blog post.
If anything, you're coming across sarcastically and it looks like I'm not the only one that's misunderstanding your comment.

so tell me, what are you trying to say by calling me superior?
am_hammy;bt6897 said:
If anything, you're coming across sarcastically and it looks like I'm not the only one that's misunderstanding your comment.

so tell me, what are you trying to say by calling me superior?

When a person can't find the energy to socialize with others, it normally means that you have so much inside of you that the information in your brain overloads your capacity to talk to others.

The reason is that the stuff other people (like myself, obviously) say in response does not grasp or connect with what you say, and rather than constantly correct or explain your position/idea/thought, you're better off just "leaving it be."

I have been in that position MANY times.

Because your brain can comprehend all of the things running through it better than whoever you're talking to, that leaves you in a position where you understand SO MUCH MORE than another person has the capacity to, that it's not worth bothering to deal with them.

If anything, this is a sign of superior mental acuity. It is one of the few moments we have where we are decidedly superior to those around us.
its fine. It's just when I try to post something and then get responses that don't quite register like the person who made them want them to be registers, it can make me feel on edge. I'm very sensitive right now.
Take your time, dear hammy. Take strength and patience from us, and know that, no matter what or how you want to express, we are here for you, without limit and without judgment.
If the words don't want to come out of your mouth, write em down. They don't have to be complete or make sense, that's not the point. When I get like this I write some of the strangest shit but when you come back later, when you're emotionally stable and calmer (this is the case with me at least, not trying to lump you in with sad ol' me) you can define everything.

I always love poetry at times like this, it just always seem to speak to me and I seem to express my thoughts better through it when I feel the way it sounds like you are now. Maybe that'll help? I hope any of that helps...really...I can't stand when I feel that way and I can't stand to think other people feel it too.
I've felt like this before, where there's so many thoughts and emotions that you feel overwhelmed and bogged down. Like a computer with too much crap running and not enough RAM to run it.

To go along with that analogy, in the extremely minuscule chance that it helps, close out some applications. Hit the restart button and go to bed if you can. Play a game. Let the rest run its course.

Truth is, you do have something to say. But diamonds take billions of years to form.

Fortunately for you, I, and some lucky others, our brains figuratively overheat at such pressures that diamonds won't take that long. Just let it happen.
were all emotional people but some more than others....I go with the arty stereo-type here..writers,artists,singers..ect...maybe you're the type that needs to feel in the right place at the right time before you can create..i don't know but if I'm close it's just a case of waiting for things to settle before the limbo is replaced by a very productive period of creation....as a rule writers and such can be miserable gits but also deep down is a clown with wit and charm just like the poem by Buk.....


above all else..stay safe kidda
I appreciate everyone's words to me even if I might not have heeded them when they were originally posted.

i will take everything that everyone has said to heart and apply it.

part of my problem with not communicating my feelings is I would turn to writing and poetry all the time but I'm even at that point where I can't find the words to write, but I'm working on it.

ive had a brutal day at work and I'm tired of being over emotional and sensitive

you guys are awesome <3
feeling trapped..especially inside oneself is a very tough place to find yourself....do you to feel this way often or is it a side of you that has just surfaced...thinking to much can often have a negative out come and it all tends to lead up to trying to becoming pro-active and helping oneself to overcome this time,this moment at this place right now...complex issues often require simple answers and the release from it all can be uplifting..give yourself a break from you...do something you feel is pointless today and see how you feel about it soon enough..like walk around an art gallery but still struggle to keep your thoughts at bay or go for a walk and walk through the what's the point of walking i still got a deal with this crap..you might find a few minutes lost in another thought about were your walking or what the painting looks like may be fleeting but valuable to you over time...
maybe doing something simple might be of assistance.
does a particular color or texture appeal to you?

i actually have words for intense internalization:
gooey-grey matter (kind of like pipework due for cleaning)
brain drain (when i dump piece-parts for quick evaluation)

i like to look thru pictures.
sometimes they draw words from places that are compressing.
sometimes i pick a rhythm and see what steps up.

best wishes,

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