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I'm.... ALIVE!!!!!!

Okay, sorry i haven't been active but school has been absolutely horrible!!!!!!!!!:book: so much to do...

and my writers block](*,) is not helping. i wanna write, i really do. but i can't. a major pet-peeve of mine is when people don't comment on what i write, even though they want to and i NEED them to. i am dependent on input. i would not have lasted the last two years on my stories without it and now all my friends have stopped. grr...:mad: so i am faced with a delema here: :scratch: write and have it suck because i just want to put it down, or find out what the people want and make it awesome! i don't even have the story right now, my friends do. i'll still be able to post another chapter on here but i need that!! you guys are going to get the rough edition, i'm sorry but it's all i got, so bare with me!

Chapters 2, 3, and 4 are gonna be posted today. the actually revised version i haven't fixed on word yet so they're gonna be crappy, sorry.


okay sorry i forgot: the story is called LUNAR RISING. for now at least...
okay I will try to find it and read it ....but no promises until after Jan 1 since I won't be on here much until after that date....ok....brainstorm....lol

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