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I'm a Well-Trained Dog

I let my writing be compromised. :jaded:

I always let my writing be compromised by editors and the like, I'm always revising and editing.

But this time, it's different.

I've never let anyone change the fundamental message, change the underlying thought behind the piece.

Especially a personal piece not meant for work-related publication.

But it was about offending someone who has control of my financial situation (no, not my husband, I mean my boss.)

Did I do the right thing? Is it okay to change a piece of personal writing, that has nothing to do with your job, so that your boss won't be offended by it?

It's not like changing the piece changed my opinion, or how I feel...:pukel:



My first question would be how did your boss come to read a piece of your personal writing?
ooohhh, amateur mistake - I linked my personal writing blog to my LinkedIn account. Of course, it didn't say anything specific about my boss or work, but it said something about "upper management corporate types who twist and manipulate my work till it's a pile of steaming dog crap rather than the creative rain that I want to drown people in..." something like that anyway ;)
I mean, how could you take offense to that??
LOL!! Quite easily, apparently. I would remove the link and not change your writing. I mean whether you are talking directly about your boss/place of employment or not, your boss is clearly going to be offended. However, it might be something they could use against you, regardless of proof of who you're really referring to, and I don't think you want that.
I hadn't actually thought of that, but you're right - and the last thing I want is my writing coming back to haunt me financially - it's bad enough I don't make enough money at it now! Thanks for the advice!!

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