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Ignorance and Arrogance

I haven't had time to read some authors I wanted, so I've watched a couple of their video lectures on Youtube.
I watched lectures by Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss. All brilliant men, excellent communicators and, above all, rhetorical sledgehammers.
They were also completely condescending, oafish arrogant jerks.

I understand their impatience with folks of faith. I really do get it. I mean, they spell out their case very well. I myself have little patience for closed-minded folks.
But the straw-man these guys set-up is beneath their standing and stature. Not all persons of faith are "young Earth" types that think the universe is 4,000 years old. Nor do many believers dismiss "The Big Bang" outright. We (myself included) understand and appreciate evolution, yet we QUESTION the gaps in the THEORY. *gasp!* How dare we?! They are so dogmatic, these scientists can't see that they have their own belief systems. And anyone that questions them, at all, is a heretic.

Tyson is just dismissive and impatient with faith. Dawkins is outright hostile, even angry. Krauss liked to belittle and poke fun at normal folks, like entire states (Arkansas, Oklahoma and such). Hey, it plays well in Helsinki.

I suppose seeing things in black and white goes with the territory, if you're a scientist. But out here in the real world, it's not that clean. And I get frustrated seeing brilliant folks that lack compassion, insight and common sense.
You don't bludgeon people into compliance. Unless you're a autocratic a-hole that doesn't like people.

Unlike their closed-minded dogmatic attitude, I'll continue to listen to "their side". And I will continue to see faith as a strength, not a weakness. I may even pray that those guys someday have their hearts opened. Even if there is no formula for that. Just gotta have faith.


I see too many people like them making the logical fallacy "all(blank) are (blank)." A scientist with a closed mind is pretty well useless, and also making possibly erroneous assumptions based on insufficient data. Now both sides seem to have an "us vs them" and "I'm right and you're wrong" attitude. Blind faith can do damage on both ends of the spectrum.

People consider me mostly anti-religious, and I am, but I also don't hold the tail of "science" either. Much like religion, people believe that the attempt at truth through the method of science is actually the truth because a scientist says it or promotes it and that's not true. Scientists and doctors once said that cigarettes where not only safe, but promoted good health as stress relievers... All those who denied this were discredited.

I've noticed over the last decade the super-promotion of science in media and I also realized that people who claim to believe in science are not really scientific themselves as much as they are "fans of science". They don't know anything, they just listen to what the Bishops of science have to say and follow along... (Tyson, Nye, etc...) And yeah, I did recognize the weird bent of Dawkins, which turned me off of him immediately. You can also see an example of magnificent arrogance on the part of Bill Nye in the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate. It's on YouTube. Awful.

I think faith is misused and romanticized. Some believe that having faith in a thing is honorable and great in and of itself the same way some people think that a soldier is some sort of hallowed symbol in and of itself. Faith is not necessarily a "strength" it is a gamble. You can make smart gambles and foolish gambles. Some people place faith in the love of a partner that definitely does exist. And some of them get burned thoroughly. Some people place faith in the love of a god they do not know exists... Soldiers place their faith in many things. So do doctors, lawyers, criminals, terrorists, etc. All place their faith in God for a myriad of reasons- often conflicting, often self-serving. Faith shouldn't replace certainty, but reinforce it. Faith in a pilot to see you to your destination safely is different from not even knowing if their is a pilot or a plane or if the destination exists altogether. You can have either kind of faith, but one is the wiser use of it.

Believe only what you can verify, personally. Between the love of God and the love of my wife, I would chose the love of my wife. I know​ she exists and my faith in her is returned.

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