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If it ain't Broke Don't Fix it!

I've been saying this to several people lately. "If it ain't broke don't try to fix it!" I feel like people around me are jittery and wanting to mess things up that are perfectly fine. In terms of my own surroundings, things are floating along peacefully and productively. It's hard to avoid stepping on a bees nest, but I'm trying my best to keep to my little world and let the stream flow by or better yet flow along on it on a canoe or something.

There's got to be something right about trying to maintain the status quo if things are in order and moving along as expected.


With age comes wisdom.
Many "younger" folk haven't been mugged by reality yet. Bright-eyed and full of hope (and arrogance), they think they can charge out into the world and fix 6,000 years of injustice. It's actually fun to watch. Sometimes, I grab a bag of popcorn, and Kleenex. I often laugh so hard that I cry.
Oh, we can dive into that very, very deep pool of recent political attempts by "smart" people to solve all the world's problems. It's a bi-partisan pooch-screw.
Two quotes come to mind. On is from Hippocrates, the other is from Ronald Reagan.

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